Last month, I highlighted mobile food truck operations and the concerns operators should have when selecting insurance.  I received a lot of feedback and discussion regarding other mobile businesses.  Many small business owners are making the decision to hit the road and the list appears to be growing every day.

Some of the businesses that could be rolling into your neighborhood soon with highly specialized vehicles include:

  • Pet groomers
  • Day spas
  • Hair salons
  • Testing labs
  • Gyms
  • Florists
  • Produce vendors
  • Tanning salons
  • Fashion boutiques
  • Art shows
  • Game trucks
  • Law offices
  • Document shredding

Taking an old business or new idea and putting it on wheels is helping many entrepreneurs capture the American dream with a lower cost of entry.  There are also many service providers such as locksmiths, glass repair shops, and plumbers that are driving mobile shops with highly customized features critical to their daily operations.

I spend a lot of time in my car and it’s very much my mobile office.  However, one thing makes my situation a lot easier to manage then the above mentioned group.  If my car was involved in an accident, I could head down to the local car rental place and be back on the road almost immediately.

However, if you’re a business owner with a highly customized vehicle unique to your business operation, could you easily rent a commensurate replacement vehicle and be back in business? The short answer is no.  This is why the Business Income – Loss of Use of a Designated Auto coverage may be critical for you.  Traditional business income coverage is intended to help replace income, operating expense, payroll, etc. from a covered loss to your business, but it does not contemplate that your business is sitting on wheels rolling down the highway at 65 miles per hour.  If you’re in an auto accident and your mobile business is towed away, you may find yourself out of business!  If you had purchased Business Income – Loss of a Designated Auto coverage, that same auto accident may be a covered event and afford you similar business income coverage to that enjoyed by your brick and mortar counterparts.

Unless you can find a replacement for your customized vehicle within a few days, don’t leave it to chance.  Your business is on wheels and that means your business has the extra exposure of being in an auto accident.  Ask your local independent agent how you can add business income to your auto policy and afford yourself that critical time and financial support to get back on the road again, and more importantly, back in business.

Do you operate a mobile business?  What kinds of coverage have you opted to purchase?

4 responses to “Working on Wheels: Protecting Your Mobile Business”

  1. Hi my name is Tim and I’m looking to open a noble RV repair business. I would need to cover a vehicle and the RV that I was working on at the time if something went wrong. I am certified by the RVDA which mean I’m certified to work on RV’s. I wondering if this is something that I could get a policy With you for. I’m in Pa. or if you new of someone in the Hanover Pa area that could help me out. Thanks Tim

    1. Tim – thanks for your interest in Central. We don’t write business in the state of Pennsylvania, but I would recommend contacting an independent insurance agent in your area to see if they can assist you with finding coverage.

  2. I trying to do a mobile spa with customer getting in the van in the state of Texas Please help with insurance companies that will write me a policy.

    1. Booker,
      We recommend you contact a local independent insurance agent. They will be able to help you find an insurance company that provides the type of coverage you are looking for. You can use our “Find an Agent” link to locate one in your area.

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