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Can You Afford an Unexpected Sewer Line Replacement?


The drains and toilets in your house start to back up. Nothing seems to be draining so you call the plumber. When the plumber arrives, he inserts a snake with a camera on the end, into your main sewer line from the basement to the city street to see what is going on.

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Ready, Set, Go Bag: Preparing for Summer Storms

Disaster checklist & supplies

The recent flooding around Ohio has reminded me that anything can happen at a moment’s notice. It’s important to be prepared for any natural disaster or emergency. To help make sure you are ready when the next storm strikes, be certain that you have the essentials in a “Go Bag.”

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Dry Drowning: Know the Warning Signs

Girl smiling in pool

Recently, the story of a child dying from what is called “dry drowning” took the Internet by storm. Dry drowning occurs when the vocal cords get irritated enough from taking in water through the nose or mouth that they spasm and close. Read more…

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Premium Discounts?

Money in Bank 4

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to watch any sort of television program without seeing an insurance advertisement at some point. I also have already expressed my views on the commercials that attempt to be cute, so we won’t go there.

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Fireworks Safety Tips for the 4th


The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. People are stocking up on food, drinks, and fireworks. Fireworks are known for being fun and loud, but they can also be very dangerous. Here are some tips for staying safe if you plan on lighting off fireworks over the holiday:

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Swim Safely: Avoid Dock Shock

Electric shock swim safet

Summer months should be filled with family fun and many people spend time on freshwater ponds, pools, lakes, and rivers keeping cool. Swimming always comes with risks, but even those who don’t enter the water need to be aware of a silent killer that can strike even the most fit and experienced swimmers.

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Builder’s Risk Policy vs. a Loss: Which Costs More?

Builders Risk 2

“I don’t need a Builder’s Risk policy,” said a contractor.  “The money I save I’ll just set aside for any losses.” Little did he know how inexpensive a Builder’s Risk policy can be and how expensive a loss can be.

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