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Ring in 2022 With a Policy Checkup for your Business

The arrival of January finds many small business owners coming off the busiest season of their year. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to overlook important changes that may have occurred with your business that need to be accounted for on your insurance policy. Prioritizing your annual policy renewal is a great opportunity to consult with your independent agent and review any changes to your business to ensure you are properly protected for the year ahead. 

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Start the New Year with a Personal Policy Checkup

With the turning of the calendar, it’s time to start taking inventory on everything from personal habits to household budgets to — you guessed it — insurance coverage. As you start tackling your list in the new year, remember to review and update your insurance policy — especially if you received valuable gifts during the holiday season. 

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The Uninsurable Risk of Clark Griswold: Part II

A few years ago, we shared a post titled, The Uninsurable Risk of Clark Griswold. Much like the classic film itself, that post has remained a seasonal favorite amongst our blog readership. Today we’re taking it one step further (with some help from Rich Nouza, Liability Large Loss Consultant) to break down some of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’s most iconic scenes as we explore the liability risks* and insurance implications of hosting the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since…well, you know. 

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The Naughty List: Three Holiday Scams to Watch Out for this Season

The most wonderful time of the year is officially upon us, but along with the hustle, bustle and holiday shopping comes a whole new wave of seasonal scams. From pilfering personal information to package theft, there’s no shortage of fraudsters having their names added to the naughty list this time of year. Learn what to watch out for so you can keep the holidays merry and bright.

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Moving Faster than the Speed of Fraud

When it comes to insurance, conversations about fraud are never far behind. While fraud is an unfortunate reality of the insurance business — costing the industry up to $50 billion each year — it’s also an opportunity to bring significant value to Central policyholders through a robust anti-fraud approach that identifies and stops fraud before it ever happens. 

As an extension of our Claims department, the Special Investigations Unit is a specialized team of Central employees who focus on doing exactly that. They are tasked with investigating red-flagged claims, as well as subrogating against entities responsible for losses. In today’s post, Jeff Lieberman, Director of Special Investigations & Recovery, and Anthony Gaytan, Anti-Fraud Operations Analyst, share insights on the ways Central is combating fraud and innovating solutions that are setting new standards of excellence within the industry. 

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Meeting the Unique Needs of Vineyards & Wineries

With harvest wrapping up and the holidays just around the bend, we’ve entered a season full of popping corks and raising glasses. Vineyards and wineries fall under Central’s manufacturing vertical, which encompasses a wide range of businesses, including metal goods, building materials and bakeries. This month, we sat down with Director of Manufacturing Underwriting, Anne Russo, to talk about winery coverage and learn more about how Central approaches writing policies for a vertical segment with needs and uses as varied as the wines they produce. 

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Cyber Resilience: The Best Plan for When the Worst Happens

As cyber risks evolve and become more threatening in scope, they come at an increasing cost to both the public and private sectors. The past two years have seen several significant cybersecurity incidents. In 2020, the Solar Winds hack breached several federal government agencies. JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, suffered a cyberattack that disabled its facilities unless they paid a ransom. What can you learn from these attacks and how to adapt cybersecurity strategies for your business? 

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Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

Last week, we shared the scoop on current issues in cybersecurity. In this article, we’re arming you with the knowledge to avoid falling victim to cyber attacks and threats. Since many cybersecurity issues arise from the “human factor,” educating yourself is one of the best steps you can take to protect both your personal and business presence. 

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Cybersecurity 101

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a national effort to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and ensure that Americans have access to the resources they need to be more secure online. 

Whether you’re a small business engaged in online marketing or simply utilizing services like Instagram and Facebook in your personal life, cybersecurity is relevant to all of us. We recently sat down with Garrett Laman, a Developer Intern at Central, to learn more.  

In this article, we dig into the basics of cybersecurity. Check back next week for a follow-up post including tips on how to best protect your personal and business presence from cyber threats. 

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Are You Fire Safety Smart?

“Burn, baby, burn” may have packed the dance floor during the days of disco, but those words are anything but a good time when it comes to your home and property.  

Since 1922, the National Fire Protection Agency has sponsored the public observance of Fire Prevention Week during the week of October 9 in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire. The devastation of that fire alone claimed the lives of 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres of land. In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed Fire Prevention Week a national observance, making it the longest-running public health observance in America. Source 

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