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Why You Should Care About Your Child’s Financial Literacy

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Families across the country are in quarantine and are likely keeping their children busy by assigning chores! Many of us will reward our children with an allowance or other form of compensation for completing those chores. So what better time to talk to your kids about responsibility in earning money and being smart with that money.

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Adjusting to Remote Work


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So COVID-19 has turned you into a remote worker. Maybe you’ve always wanted to work at home. Or maybe you miss your coworkers. It’s an adjustment. Here are some tips that
can help you enjoy your new work environment.

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Working Remotely? Remember to Secure Your Webcam!

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The Covid-19 pandemic, also known as the novel coronavirus, has affected daily life in unprecedented ways. Because of home-work and homeschooling measures, millions of Americans are using video conferencing for the first time. With this surge in new users, there will be many cybersecurity challenges.

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Digital Hygiene Tips for Coronavirus Scams

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Coronavirus scams are everywhere.

During the evolving public health crisis surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), it is essential to remain vigilant in the days and weeks to come, online as well as out in the world.

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Light Industrial – Heavy on Protection


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Light industrial is a term you often hear when discussing commercial insurance, but what does it mean? Typically, light industrial refers to operations such as machine shops, sheet metal work (shop only, no installation), and manufacturing of metal goods, electrical components, and food products. Basically, producing or processing small goods.

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BusyKid – Allowance turned to Financial Literacy for Kids

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Like it or not, everything is going digital. Even famous board games that at one time appeared to be safe from ever being played in your hand, are now one touch away. During a family vacation to Florida, I was blown away to learn that all I needed to survive three days at the most fun and overcrowded places on earth was a phone or wristband. That’s right, no wallet, money, room key or purses. I never felt freer!

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A Culture of Appreciation is Everything!

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“Culture is Everything.” It’s a phrase I first heard from Mr. Bill Purmort, current President of Central Insurance Companies, and I think it’s a great way to introduce today’s blog topic…employee appreciation. Why? Because, tomorrow, March 6th, 2020, is National Employee Appreciation Day! Now, that’s a good reason, right?

As a fairly new employee at Central Insurance Companies, I can sense the culture around here. I can feel it. You may be wondering how does one sense and feel culture? Let me explain…

I’ve known Central for a long time; my mom has been working here since I was born! She’s retiring in less than a month after 38 years, all of them working in the IT department. Wow! That’s a really long time to be working at one place! But, I think that implies something about my mom: she’s a loyal employee who knows a lot about computers and has worked pretty hard to maintain her career for 38 years! And, I think the fact that she is among several others retiring soon after many years with the company can imply something about Central: Central must appreciate their employees and make it a great place for them to work. I can personally vouch for that.

For example, earlier this week, our VP of Human Resources and Facilities sent an e-mail to the entire company saying, “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Fulfill the Promise each and every day! Let’s celebrate with coffee and treats on Friday!”

How cool is that?! Free coffee and treats for all of the employees at Central, from Central. I can appreciate that, and it makes me feel appreciated. It’s a small thing, but small things add up and can make a big difference. That’s how I can sense and feel the culture! Very cool!

Check out these stats I found in a Forbes article about National Employee Appreciation Day. “As researchers, we know the real impact appreciation has on the workforce. We know that lack of appreciation is the number one reason people leave jobs (78%). We know that appreciation is the number one thing (37%) people say causes them to do great work. And, in fact, we could ramble on with statistics about how important appreciation is when it comes to average tenure, engagement scores and daily performance.” What more needs to be said?

How do you show appreciation for your employees? Here are some ideas:

1. Get to know your team. Life is too short to spend how many hours a day with people you hardly know and enjoy. Make time to talk to your employees. Show them that you are genuinely interested in them.

2. Encourage all to have a voice. While traditional methods definitely have their purpose, a new perspective on something may be what solves a problem down the road. Encourage employees to offer their opinions when they see fit, and communicate that from the beginning.

3. Recognize and reward good performance. This can be done with compliments, smiles, thumbs-up gestures, saying “thank you” or writing a thank you note, public announcements of achievement, promotions, and even giving casual dress days or time-off, etc.

4. Team Effort Celebration. Did the team pull together and get the job done? Throw an office pizza party.  Like I’ve mentioned in a past blog, Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

Good employees are one of the greatest assets of a company. Show appreciation (and not just tomorrow but throughout the year) and build a positive culture conducive to happy employees, happy customers, and therefore, overall success. After all, “Culture is Everything!”

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidsturt/2016/02/29/4-commonly-asked-questions-about-national-employee-appreciation-day/#2bfee92a7ca9

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Daylight Savings Time is Time to Check Your Smoke Detectors

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Daylight savings time is coming up this Sunday! We’re going to “SPRING forward” our clocks (which means Spring is just around the corner. Yay!). Another important thing to do this weekend: check our smoke detectors!

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Juice Jacking: What You Need to Know

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We have probably all been to a public building where there are signs offering a free service to plug in your device at a charging location. Without thinking, we hurriedly plug in our device to the USB, by either using our own charger or ones that are built-in. It seems very convenient when we need a little more juice for our device, and we’re sure it’s safe and secure, right?

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage Explained

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Boiler & Machinery is an antiquated term once used to describe a separate policy that offered coverage for causes of loss such as mechanical breakdown, electrical surges, explosion of steam boilers, steam pipes, etc. This separate policy was needed because these causes of loss are excluded from most commercial property policies.

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