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8 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Scams on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, especially for scammers. Consumers are typically spending more, doing it quickly, and not paying as much attention to who they’re buying it from because of the rush.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many shoppers will make the bulk of their purchases online, which means this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy could be riskier than usual.

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Avoid Collision Towing and Repair Scams


Unscrupulous and dishonest collision repair operators are key contributors to the nation’s insurance fraud problems. There are many types of collision repair fraud scams, ranging from airbag fraud to chop shops that dismantle and resell stolen vehicle parts, to shops that inflate vehicle damage estimates.

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Through the Roof! How Roofing Scams Will Cost You


In January 2020, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its 2019 Consumer Sentinel Network Report showing that they received a total of 23,963 reports from home repair, improvement, and product fraud. This is a staggering amount of fraud reported by the FTC, and one can expect that when its 2020 report is released the numbers will most likely stay constant or increase. Another concern is that, although home improvement scams can victimize anyone, the elderly are unfortunately a prime target for this type of scam. In 2015, The United States Senate Special Committee on Aging named it as one of the top 10 scams targeting seniors. It is important that as consumers we try to do what we can to decrease the chances of being victimized by unscrupulous contractors. One particular group of unscrupulous contractors this post will focus on are roofing contractors.

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Do you have collision AND comprehensive coverage? You better check!

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It’s that time of year when all the deer are roaming around, so it can be dangerous for people traveling on the road (see our recent blog post Oh Deer! Drive Defensively this Season). We also know that ice and snow are coming soon (if it hasn’t already in your area), and that adds to the danger for drivers and their passengers. With the increased possibility of being in an accident this time of year, what better time to re-visit the subject of collision vs. comprehensive auto coverage!

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Finding Solutions to Fleet Safety Management Questions

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Fleet Management is a stressful task in all types of companies and operations…from the fleet that is a major part of a company’s operations such as large trucks, to a small company that has one to five vehicles. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO), telematics can facilitate cost savings by providing fleet managers with information needed to reduce fleet size, fuel use, misuse of vehicles, and unnecessary maintenance.

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Kitchen Safety for the Men Making Dinner Tonight

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Today is National Men Make Dinner Day, so I’ll make dinner tonight (like I do majority of the time). Most of my friends’ wives do the home-cooking, my mom always does the cooking (except grilling), and according to a survey sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), women tend to say they’re the ones usually doing the meal prep and cooking…80% to be exact (U.S. households consisting of married or cohabiting parents and one or more children under the age of 18). My wife is not one of them (and I love her).

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Not All Homeowner Insurance Policies Are Equal

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As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, I find it sad that personal insurance has gotten commoditized to the point where many consumers buy based upon funny commercials and/or cheapest price. However, it’s a battle that agents face every day and all we can ask for is the opportunity to educate our clients on why the programs we propose are in the best interest of our clients.

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Halloween Safety for 2020

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Halloween is here and children and adults alike are anxious to have a “normal” Halloween…put on a costume, get candy from neighbors, attend a party dressed like a vampire, or even just hand out goodies from your front door. But alas, this is 2020, and nothing has been “normal” this year. People are re-thinking their usual ghoulish good times, so when you’re planning your day of trick-or-treating fun, keep these new “normal” safety tips in mind.

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Time to Fall Back (and Check Your Smoke Alarms)

This weekend marks Daylight Savings time when we “fall back” an hour. A general rule of thumb is to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors when Daylight Savings Time ends and begins (unless you have a special detector – more on that below). In addition to replacing your batteries, here are some guidelines that are smart to follow when checking/testing smoke alarms:

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Liability Risks of Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020. Wow, what could go wrong? If this coming weekend is anything like the previous six months, plenty. With COVID-19, trick or treating will take on a different look this year, and so will your liability risks. I have read or heard of a number of ways homeowners are going to attempt to offer treats to the neighborhood ghosts and goblins – everything from shooting candy bars out into the street via a homemade cannon to handing candy out with kitchen tongs. No matter what changes you make, remember, you may be liable if an accident occurs. So, please, be creative but careful!

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