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Don’t Take Any Chances: Properly Insure Your Valuables!

Were you one of the lucky individuals who received jewelry as a gift this past holiday season? Or perhaps you received something special for Valentine’s Day? In either case, here’s the important question that you need to ask yourself: “Did I properly insure my new valuables?”

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St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

“Top of the morning to ya!” as my dad used to say every St Patrick’s Day as I was growing up. My maiden name is McMillen which comes from a very strong Irish heritage, so St Patrick’s Day has always been a special holiday for me. Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous one too.

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5 Reasons to Book Your Next Trip through a Travel Agent

With my wedding just around the corner, my fiancé and I recently spent time honeymoon shopping. We searched online for a while, assuming that was the cheapest route, but quickly became overwhelmed by all of our options. We decided to talk to a travel agent just to see what they suggested, and now I wish we would have done it sooner. Here are a few reasons why.

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The Next Catastrophic Flood Could Be Coming For You

Rain, rain, go away! At least that is what most of us are thinking after a few months, or in some cases, years of heavier-than-normal rainfalls. The U.S. has experienced flooding in areas that haven’t been affected for hundreds of years. If your home is next, are you covered? Read More

Tree Huggin’ – More Bark, Less Bite

Property owners have a lot to maintain, so it’s no surprise that some items around the home don’t get the attention they should. An easy item to overlook is one of the most visible features on the property: trees.

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Changing the Stigma of Insurance

Attend elementary school, graduate high school, go to college and get a degree, and then head out into the workforce; the standard career path. The problem is that model and expectation does not fit everyone and many do not know what they want to do professionally at such a young age. I was one of those kids.

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A Career Path You’ll Wish You Chose Sooner

When I first applied at Central, I had been looking for a stable job at a grounded and experienced company. While the job market can be somewhat unpredictable with positions available in so many different fields, I knew I didn’t just want to work anywhere; the company and values mattered to me.

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