As of 2022, Columbus, Ohio, ranks as America’s ninth most affordable city. This ranking is largely due to affordable housing in the area and the fact that the overall cost of living remains 11% lower than the national average.

However, one of the most often overlooked aspects of Columbus’ appeal is access to many incredible career options. With prominent healthcare, retail, and insurance brands based in the city, countless opportunities across various fields are available for professionals of all levels.

Why should I consider IT jobs in Columbus Ohio?

The technology industry is the fastest growing in the Columbus area today. The city is quickly becoming the Midwest’s tech hub

Not only are top tech companies with offices in Columbus looking for talent in the city, but organizations in other prominent fields are also seeking professionals who can provide and support cutting-edge tech solutions to their customers. 

Here, we list ten of the hottest tech jobs available in Columbus today.

10 Top IT Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

1. IT Program Manager- NetJets

NetJets operates the world’s largest and most diverse private aircraft fleet. With customized private aviation solutions designed to exceed the standards of the world’s most discerning travelers, this organization is known for its unwavering commitment to safety, service, and unmatched global access.

The IT Program Manager is responsible for delivering value through large business initiatives and multiple projects that align with the organization’s technology objectives. The role involves collaboration across departments and functions to ensure communication and the successful delivery of programs and projects. The program manager is also responsible for managing meetings effectively with detailed discussions  and maintaining partnerships with program sponsors and stakeholders. 

2. Senior DevOps Engineer – Central Insurance

Central Insurance is a national insurance carrier specializing in property and casualty insurance. Heavily invested in technology, Central is building a world-class digital product team to help leverage technology and drive continued growth. 

As a senior DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for integrating software project functions and resources across the software life cycle from planning, building, testing, and deployment support. You will utilize various automation tools to eliminate manual tasks and improve software deployment efficiencies by serving as a mentor and as an individual contributor. You will help define and implement a continuous delivery and release strategy, coach younger engineers on technology choices, and provide feedback to tech leads and engineering managers on system status.

3. Site Reliability Engineer – Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is a chain restaurant specializing in fast, casual Mexican cuisine with over 3,000 restaurants worldwide. The company has been ranked on the Fortune 500 list and recognized as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies for its leadership and innovation within the larger food industry.

The site reliability engineer is responsible for maintaining and monitoring internal applications as well as working with third-party partners. They are also responsible for the automation of functions and leading automation practices. An SRE will work on availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change in management, and emergency response, with a focus on Chipotle’s online ordering environment and tangentially related processes.

4. Senior Software Engineer – Mainframe – Central Insurance

Central Insurance is a commercial and personal lines insurance carrier with over 145 years of experience and strong financial stability. The organization is seeking technologists to help build the next generation of the company’s cutting-edge technology platforms.

As a Senior software engineer, you will support the foundational systems off which the Central Insurance runs today. You will be responsible for choosing design patterns, coaching younger engineers on tools and design, conducting peer reviews, and providing feedback to engineering managers on system health.

5. Data Analyst – Workforce Optimization – Pearson

Pearson develops training and workshop programs that support continued education and lifelong learning. They also develop and support GED testing services.

A workforce optimization data analyst will provide direct support to the Enrollment & Customer Engagement function within Pearson Virtual Schools, with a primary focus on generating and maintaining ad-hoc analyses and daily reporting. These individuals will also be responsible for collaborating with internal partners to analyze workforce and operational data to uncover insights that drive operational decision-making. Other responsibilities will include exploring data, conducting independent research, leveraging Excel for data mining, organizing information, visualizing data, and ensuring comprehensive metrics are supported in core systems. 

6. Senior Software Engineer- Central Insurance

Central Insurance is a nationally known insurance carrier that writes property and casualty insurance through its network of high-quality agency partners. 

As a senior software engineer, you will be responsible for contributing to design and implementation to add features and resolve bugs within Central’s systems. You will also contribute by serving as a mentor to the development teams and as an individual contributor. You will be expected to help choose and implement design patterns, coach younger engineers on technology choices, and provide feedback to tech leads and engineering managers on system quality.

7. Product Engineer – Chemical Abstracts Service

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is the scientific information solutions division of the American Chemical Society. Its goal is to integrate tech, science, and human expertise to assist companies in developing groundbreaking innovations while striving to make science and scientific insights available to innovators across the globe. 

The product engineer will be responsible for capturing and documenting the voice of the customer to drive improvements in customer access and self-service tools for CAS services. A product engineer’s responsibilities include supporting feature discovery and development, establishing and communicating roadmaps for customer conversions to SSO (Single Sign-On), assessing customer interest and expectations, and providing technical support globally for CAS Products and Services.

8. Data Engineer – Central Insurance 

Central is a leading national insurance carrier, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver best-in-class insurance products to personal and commercial policyholders. Central’s DevOps team oversees the integration of technical operations and infrastructure aspects to support software, and a data engineer will play a critical role in how we innovate. 

As a Data Engineer, you will design, develop, and maintain high-volume data pipelines using Azure data factory, SSIS, SQL, APIs, and other technologies. You will integrate, consolidate, cleanse, and structure data for various business functions, working on diverse problems and devising solutions based on your expertise. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to contribute to making data architectural decisions, drive the elimination of technical debt, and mentor junior data engineers.

9. Application Software Developer – Batelle

Batelle works with companies of all shapes and sizes to deliver critical services, ranging from research and development, management of national laboratories, design and manufacturing products, and more. 

Application Software Developers apply computer science and systems engineering principles to solve technical challenges. They’re responsible for collaborating with cross-functional teams of scientists, engineers, and statisticians, to create, deploy, and maintain software solutions, and often must meet project objectives with minimal supervision and within time and budget constraints. Developers will interact with on-site team members as well as remote client teams daily.

10. Associate Software Engineer – Central Insurance 

Central is a national insurance carrier that leverages advanced technology tools to deliver best-in-class products to our array of personal and commercial lines policyholders.

As an associate software engineer, You will be responsible for contributing to the implementation of solutions aimed at serving a broad audience, including our services department, underwriters, and agents. You will be expected to assist senior engineers and management in delivering quality features, providing input on technology choices, and in evaluation software systems.

InsurTech Jobs with Central Insurance

Finding a IT job in Columbus Ohio may not be difficult—but finding the right tech role definitely is.

Though Central may be known most notably as an insurance company, our InsurTech sectors are fast-growing and full of exciting opportunities for professionals looking to make a personal impact with their work. 

The employees within Central’s InsurTech teams are energized by the chance to innovate and find the idea of taking a project from inspiration to ideation to implementation a welcome and exciting challenge. They are empowered to own their projects from start to finish, and we demonstrate that trust by keeping the red tape and bureaucracy to a minimum. 

What’s more, Central combines the financial stability of a 147-year-old organization with the culture and growth of a startup, allowing us to scale and grow at the pace of the evolving tech industry. We have the rare benefit of being big enough to provide the resources and support our tech teams need to excel while also being small enough that our employees never feel like a number or a cog in a machine. Our size keeps us nimble and adaptable and provides opportunities for our people to grow as leaders and technologists that aren’t as readily available at massive organizations. 

Central’s values of excellence, integrity, and relationships extend beyond day-to-day work and into the policies that directly impact the employee experience. Central recently unveiled a new company-wide mental health benefit, which gives employees access to free sessions with mental health professionals should they need it. 

In June 2022, the company also unveiled an industry-leading paid time off program that is more competitive than 75% of all organizations in the tech sector—an industry known for its generous benefits. This change includes paid maternity and paternity leave, competitive vacation packages, a generous bereavement policy, and more.

APPLY NOW |  InsurTech Jobs at Central Insurance

Intrigued by Central’s unique approach to tech? Fill out this form on our career portal to speak with a member of our HR team, or explore the full list of Central’s open opportunities here. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to receive alerts of Central’s job postings in your feed.


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