If the wind was strong enough to pick up Dorothy and Toto and pull her entire house into a tornado and send them to the magical Land of Oz, there is no telling what it could do to your property. Spring season is here, and with that comes storms. Rain, hail, wind, lightning, and those nasty tornadoes can cause serious damage. So, instead of getting your ruby slippers ready, follow these steps to protect your home from spring storms!

Secure loose objects.

In Dorothy’s case, her whole house should have been secured, but I am hoping your foundation is not that compromised. Did you know, it only takes winds of 40 mph to potentially damage your home and property?

  • Storing vehicles in a garage or other safe space should be a high priority when preparing for high winds.
  • Larger items such as benches and grills should be attached to a porch or other sturdy structure with cables or chains if there is time to safely do so.
  • Items such as outdoor furniture, children’s toys, landscape ornaments and firewood should be moved inside or secured using items such as tarps, weights, and bungee cords.

Be prepared if the power goes out.

With high winds, the chance of losing power is very likely so stock up on flashlights, batteries, and blankets. Also be sure to have plenty of water, non-perishable food, and first aid supplies in case the power is out longer than expected.

Flood Insurance.

First case, if you live in a flood-prone area, it’s important to know your flood zone.  This will help you understand how vulnerable you are to storm surge, flooding, and wind.  For more information on purchasing or renewing flood insurance, refer to FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.

Second case, even if a flood hasn’t occurred in over fifty years and your home isn’t in a flood zone, you’re still at risk. Did you know the standard homeowner’s or renter’s policy does not provide coverage for flooding? The good news is flood insurance is now available through both the NFIP and private markets for low-to-moderate risk areas. Coverage is available for residences and other structures such as a shed, pool house, contents, personal property, additional living expenses, debris removal, and more. Here’s more information about Personal Flood Coverage, and watch this video below. 

Talk to your Independent Agent.

Storms can cause damage to your property and others’ property. Make sure you have the right insurance that will help you in your time of need. Contact your independent agent with any questions about your policies.

There really is no place like home. If all else fails, tap three times!

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