The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

Having worked in the insurance industry for ten years, I have received many calls, e-mails, and texts from friends and family regarding their insurance needs. I am more than happy to assist where I can, but my conversations with them seem to always end with one question, “Do you have an independent agent?” Like many not in the insurance industry, insurance can be an unknown. It’s something that you know you need to have, but don’t fully understand how it works. It’s an intangible product that you pay for every year and hope to never use. Here are three reasons I believe working with an independent agent is the best option for purchasing insurance:

  1. They provide choices. Your independent agent can find you the right carrier that can offer a blend of price, coverage, and service. They typically represent many different insurance companies and will work to find the right product for you.
  2. They work on your behalf. In a world that may be unfamiliar to you, your agent can advocate for you with the insurance company in times of billing issues, coverage changes, or claim disputes.
  3. They are licensed professionals. Despite what advertisements you may see on TV or your phone, insurance should not be treated as a commodity. The expression “you get what you pay for” is as relevant to insurance as any other product out in the marketplace. Cheap insurance tends to offer deficient coverages, leaving you susceptible to uncovered loss exposures. The advice and counsel of a licensed professional can be seen as a prudent move for you and your family or business.

It’s no secret that technology companies attempt to make a big play to enhance your insurance buying experience. But take a moment before you pull out your mobile phone and hit that “buy” button to ask yourself, “Am I confident that my family and assets are properly covered? Will my business be able to continue if I suffer a loss?” I believe these questions require more than 15 minutes answering a few questions on your computer or phone. I believe the time spent working with an independent agent who can guide you through this world of insurance is invaluable.

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