Scott Zemberi joined us as Central’s new Director of Construction Underwriting in June. With over two decades of experience in commercial and large construction at Cincinnati, Scott brings a wealth of insight and experience to Central’s Construction vertical. Keep reading to learn more about Scott and his vision for the future.

What’s your primary focus in the months ahead?

Our current construction book is growing, and we want to keep that momentum going. We’ve consistently heard that our agents love doing business with Central and are eager for us to expand our appetite so we can write heavy civil contractors and larger construction clients together. Our goal has always been to grow, innovate, and evolve in step with our agents, so I’ll be focusing on ways to enhance our products and expertise to do just that.

How does specialization play into the evolution of Central’s Construction vertical?

As we move into the larger construction space, we’re building out teams and expertise that enrich our agent partnerships and client value. Agents want our underwriters involved in the sales process to speak to the Central difference. We’re supporting this by enhancing underwriter expertise through ongoing education. Expanding in the construction space won’t happen overnight, but we’re listening to our agents, taking action, and excited to grow with you.

How do relationships play into growth within the Construction vertical?

Insurance is a relationship business. Agents need to have immense faith in the carriers they place their large accounts with. Central is one of the few carriers to ask agents what they want and need rather than just dictating the kinds of business we want to write. Our Agency Council positions us to explore how we can enhance our partnerships by developing products and expertise that align with our agents’ evolving needs. This supports solid relationships and sets us all up for shared success.

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What’s something people are surprised to learn about you?

I was an extra in “The Avengers.” I went to an open casting call at the filming in Cleveland, and they cast me as a lab tech in the movie.


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