While much of the insurance industry is attempting to commoditize insurance protection with cute commercials and a focus on price – rather than coverage and claims service – Central has taken the opposite approach and continues to offer innovative solutions that protect against significant financial losses to homeowners.

A few months ago, I wrote about the new Personal Cyber Protection endorsement that the Central Insurance Companies are now offering. But did you know that it is only one of several homeowner policy enhancements that Central offers to its personal insurance policyholders?

For example, let’s say the sewer line connecting your house to the street breaks and you need to replace it. Almost all homeowner insurance policies exclude coverage for this situation. However, Central offers a Utility Line Coverage endorsement that provides coverage for:

  • Water piping
  • Steam piping
  • Ground loop piping that connects to a heat pump
  • Sewer lines
  • Drain piping
  • Underground power lines or electrical wiring
  • Communications or data transmission wiring
  • Natural gas piping

This type of protection won’t be found in an off-the-shelf homeowner policy!

What if you live in an area that isn’t prone to flooding yet a once-in-a-lifetime storm causes flooding that damages contents in your home (including some contents in your basement)? Again, a standard homeowner policy will exclude coverage for this.

Central has specifically addressed this situation for low-risk flood areas and offers Personal Flood Coverage that protects against some of the most common residential flood loss situations. These include:

  • Loss to buildings, residence, and certain other structures such as sheds and pool houses
  • Damage to contents and personal property, including a sublimit for those in a basement or sunken room
  • Additional living expenses
  • Debris removal
  • Property removed to safety
  • Loss of use

Equipment Breakdown Coverage is another valuable enhancement that I previously touched on; however, it is a great enhancement that should be mentioned here along with the other important offerings from Central. This type of insurance extends coverage to important home systems such as heating and air conditioning equipment, pumps, and entertainment system components (TV’s, sound systems, etc.) by protecting them against mechanical or electrical breakdown.

The cost for each of these endorsements is quite affordable – especially when you consider how costly these types of situations can be. Talk to your local independent agent to learn more about these valuable add-ons…and sleep better at night knowing your biggest homeowner fears are covered!

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