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As we approach the end to summer, and back to school is on the horizon, we are embarking on our final vacations for the season. This year, road trips have become very popular due to the current circumstances. For tips on road tripping during a pandemic, click here to read my previous post. This blog, however, includes tips and tricks on how to save money on gas during a road trip.

#1 Check your tires. Before leaving on your excursion, be sure to check your tire pressure. Making sure the tires are aired up to the recommended pound per square inch (PSI), can help save on fuel economy. Checking your tires before the trip can also help prevent accidents or unplanned stops along the way.

#2 Pack Light. According to GasBuddy, you can save anywhere between 8%-25% by not overloading your vehicle. And let’s be honest, you almost never need the extra pair of shoes 😉

#3 Compare Gas Prices. When stopping for fuel, consider shopping around. Most stations along the interstate tend to be pricier, so comparing stations can save you more at the pump. Also, there are many free apps to download that will do the work for you. These apps are designed to show you the lowest fuel prices in your location.

#4 Pay with Card at the Pump. Most credit cards offer cashback or point incentives, and some offer higher points or percentages on fuel. Make sure to avoid any cards that will charge fees or high-interest rates.

#5 Drive Smarter and Slower. Try to avoid excessive speeding and use cruise control when you can. According to GasBuddy, aggressive driving can lower your fuel efficiency by up to 40%!

Saving money on gas means more money for spending on the trip! Remember to have fun, and be safe!

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    Although this might be an old post it has the quality one needs when it comes to budgeting and planning that includes funds. Especially the “Track your monthly expenses” this is really important.

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