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A few weeks ago, my sister asked me to stop by her house to check on a few things while she was on vacation.  When I walked into her house, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard her say my name. After catching my breath, I realized she had set me up by logging into her Alexa to watch me from the corner of the kitchen. Apparently, she had planned to scare me all along, and we had a good laugh. These days, technology has enabled us to change the temperature in our homes, sweep the floor, tell you who is at the door, and start the coffee pot without even being at home. 

This same technology that makes our lives easier can also be the feeding-ground for cyber attackers to gain access to your home and your accounts. Here are things you can do to protect yourself from these vicious attacks. 

  • Update Systems – Make sure your web browser and operating system have the latest security updates.
  • Turn on Two-Step Verification – This requires a user to enter more than one set of credentials to authenticate themselves. This is especially important on websites where you pay bills, bank online, or shop.
  • Strengthen Passwords – Use strong and unique passwords on computers, devices, and websites and change them regularly.
  • Avoid Phishing – Do not click on links from people you do not know or emails that do not seem legitimate.
  • Install Security Software – Use anti-virus and anti-malware to protect computers.

I also want to share some great information from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). You may know October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and these organizations are continually raising awareness about cybersecurity. This year’s theme is, “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” The tip sheets below are invaluable tools for reducing cybersecurity risks and protecting you and your family online.

Cybersecurity at Work Tip Sheet
Cybersecurity While Traveling Tip Sheet
Identity Theft and Internet Scams Tip Sheet
Internet of Things Tip Sheet
Multi-factor Authentication Tip Sheet
Online Privacy Tip Sheet
Passwords Tip Sheet
Phishing Tip Sheet
Protecting Your Digital Home Tip Sheet
Social Media Cybersecurity Tip Sheet

Many people can do their part and be cyber-smart, but cyber criminals are get sneakier and better at what they do. Cyber insurance offers the extra protection needed in this technology-driven world. Central Insurance, for example, offers Personal Cyber Protection. This bundled coverage protects families from losses such as compromised data on personal computers, mobile devices, and other connected home technology. It also protects from damage to software and operating systems.

Personal Cyber can easily be added to homeowners, renters, or condominium policies and covers the policyholder and other members of the household. This insurance provides coverage for computer attacks, home systems attacks, cyber extortion, online fraud, data breach, and costs associated with being the victim of cyberbullying. Not only are the claims handled by experienced cyber claim specialists, but you will also have access to “My Tech Support,” which provides free computer diagnostics by phone and competitive rates for virus removal, technical support, and related digital security services.

Do your part. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Contact your independent agent to discuss why this coverage is a good choice for you and your family.


The information above is of a general nature and your policy and coverages provided may differ from the examples provided. Please read your policy in its entirety to determine your actual coverage available.

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