Household-InventoryI recently handled a theft claim where a home was broken into while the insured and her husband were running errands. The burglars broke in through an exterior door in the back of the home and took twenty years’ worth of jewelry. The insured had collected much of the jewelry during her travels, so in addition to the monetary value of the items, they also held a deep sentimental value.

What made this claim unique for me as an adjuster was the detailed information I received from the insured documenting her claim. Several years ago she and her husband took their camera and went room-by-room photographing the contents of their home.  They opened drawers, closets, and even photographed items in her jewelry box. They kept these photos in a safe deposit box at a different location than their home in case of a fire. After the burglary, the insured was able to send me photos of several of the items that were taken, and even provided a photograph of the jewelry box that was stolen. She also kept receipts for most of the jewelry purchases. These receipts helped me with descriptions of the items and assisted with determining values.

This claim is a perfect example of why it’s important to document your valuables and retain receipts and paperwork of your purchases. Photographs, receipts, model numbers, owner’s manuals, etc. will all be helpful sources of information if you ever have to make a claim for your personal property. This is extremely important if you ever experience a total loss such as a fire and have to make an inventory of all of your belongings.

So don’t put it off another day.  Watch our video (above) for some tips on completing a household inventory, then grab your camera and start shooting!

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