I am sure most of us would agree that spring is such a beautiful time of year! More sunshiny days, warmer weather, flower buds starting to pop up…and SPRING CLEANING. Who’s already started their spring cleaning tasks? It’s a great feeling to do and get done, right?)

For businesses, this is a great time of year to plan your upcoming preventative maintenance activities. After all, why not get a jump-start on those “to do” items that can sometimes creep up over the winter months and present potential risks or hazards?

Take advantage of the increasingly good weather and look around your business to see if you have any of the following areas that may have become worn, damaged, or need to be repaired or replaced:

  1. Sidewalks, steps and parking lots.
  2. Roofing and gutter systems (See Commercial Roofing Maintenance Bulletin and the Guidelines and Checklist).
  3. Patios, outdoor furnishings, awnings or coverings.
  4. Playgrounds, tennis courts, and other recreational areas.
  5. Trees, landscaping and irrigation.

One of the best ways to prevent injury, damage, or a potential insurance loss is to conduct regularly scheduled visual inspections. As you inspect your premises, note any damage or concerns, make the necessary repairs yourself or hire a professional, and then conduct ongoing preventative maintenance as needed. Check to see if your insurance carrier has a dedicated loss control department that can provide you with the resources and personnel that can assist your business with industry-specific inspections and maintenance programs.

As the old saying goes, “Spring has sprung!” I encourage you to spring into action and join us in making this a safe and profitable season.

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