We recently posted a blog titled, “The Why and How of What We Do”.  It made me take pause to think about both the “why” of the insurance business and my own personal experience with the industry.

Let’s face it, buying insurance is not one of the most fun things to do.  At least in the beginning, most of us do it just because we have to.  When you think about insurance it almost seems silly.  You can spend a lot of money on it and when you leave your agent’s office, you most likely are walking out with a folder full of papers, a magnet or a pen, and a promise.  What just happened here?  I gave someone a check and I don’t have a full shopping bag or a shiny wrapped box to open – this is no fun at all!  Buying a promise feels a lot different from buying a new TV or tablet.

I always thought it would be great to be in the insurance business.  Growing up, I admired my Dad for the job he did.  He spent 48 years as an insurance claims adjuster.  I remember thinking, “I have the nicest Dad in the world.” He drove around the city and gave money to people when their house burned down.  He took people who couldn’t sleep in their home that night and helped them go to a nice hotel to stay.  He even made sure they had enough money to get something to eat and some new clothes.  What I did not realize until years later was my Dad was simply doing his job and making good on the promise he and his company made.

You pay your insurance company a premium and in return we agree to help you put your life back together when something bad happens.  As a child, my Dad would sometimes take me with him on his calls to adjust claims.  I remember seeing the faces of the people my Dad was taking care of.  The look of relief when they knew they had a place to sleep that night.  The tears in their eyes when he handed them a check and they knew they could start piecing their life back together.  The simple hug just to assure them that everything is going to be alright.  These memories have had a lasting effect on me.

I’m proud to be part of the insurance industry.  I see people in our business working hard every day to keep those promises for others.  My Dad is retired now but I recently had the privilege to work with him on placing his personal insurance through Central.  Since I’m in the insurance business and I work for Central, of course I would prefer he does not have a claim.  However, If he does, I know we will work hard to keep that promise to him just like I saw him keep his promises many years ago.

No, buying insurance is not fun, but that promise is a meaningful purchase.  While it’s something you hope you never need, if you ever do you’ll be glad you have it. And that’s why we do what we do.

2 responses to “A Promise Fulfilled: Why I Work in the Insurance Industry”

  1. Well said! Great story about the heart people have who work in this industry!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Matt!

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