Loss Control ConsultantAt times, Risk Management and Loss Control get a bad rap.  Loss control consultants are viewed in some people’s eyes as “the inspectors who are here to tell me how to run my business” or “the ones who will make my life difficult.”   They can be viewed as the enemy and not having the best interest of the insured in mind.   Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Loss control surveys should be a positive, interactive event between a loss control consultant and the insured.  It should be a time for the insured to feel comfortable openly asking for suggestions on how to solve a particular safety concern.  The discussions need to be viewed as a win-win for both parties and not a way for the insurance company to charge more money.  Working together to develop an effective loss control program can provide great benefits and reduced expenses for everyone. 

Here’s five good reasons to work with your loss control consultant:

  1. A safer work environment for your employees by identifying possible accident, fire, or explosion hazards.
  2. In the long run, save money by reducing the chances of worker or customer injury.
  3. Provides an avenue to develop an individualized loss control program tailored specifically for your business.
  4. Protection of your intangible assets such as community prestige, employee morale, and customer goodwill.
  5. It’s just the right thing to do to make a business the best it can be! 

Next time you get a call from your loss control consultant, be prepared to ask them questions as well.  What safety issues are you concerned about?  Plan ahead or even consider proactively reaching out to your consultant prior to their visit to share topics you would like to cover with them. Already working with your consultant?  How has their knowledge and expertise benefited you and your company?

3 responses to “5 Reasons Loss Control Consultants are the Good Guys!”

  1. Good article. Thank you for sharing how a relationship with a Loss Control Consultant can benefit business owners in the long run.

  2. John – Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I like that you mention how working with a loss consulting service can save you money in the long run and reduce injury. If my dad were a business owner I think he would find great value in a professional consulting company. I’ll be sure to talk to him about it in case he is ever in need.

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