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Halloween Safety for 2020

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Halloween is here and children and adults alike are anxious to have a “normal” Halloween…put on a costume, get candy from neighbors, attend a party dressed like a vampire, or even just hand out goodies from your front door. But alas, this is 2020, and nothing has been “normal” this year. People are re-thinking their usual ghoulish good times, so when you’re planning your day of trick-or-treating fun, keep these new “normal” safety tips in mind.

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Time to Fall Back (and Check Your Smoke Alarms)

This weekend marks Daylight Savings time when we “fall back” an hour. A general rule of thumb is to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors when Daylight Savings Time ends and begins (unless you have a special detector – more on that below). In addition to replacing your batteries, here are some guidelines that are smart to follow when checking/testing smoke alarms:

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Liability Risks of Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020. Wow, what could go wrong? If this coming weekend is anything like the previous six months, plenty. With COVID-19, trick or treating will take on a different look this year, and so will your liability risks. I have read or heard of a number of ways homeowners are going to attempt to offer treats to the neighborhood ghosts and goblins – everything from shooting candy bars out into the street via a homemade cannon to handing candy out with kitchen tongs. No matter what changes you make, remember, you may be liable if an accident occurs. So, please, be creative but careful!

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Excess Policy or Umbrella Policy? What’s the difference and which is better?

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One of the questions a commercial lines underwriter hears most is, “Is your umbrella follow-form?” Basically, will it only increase the limits of my current coverage (follow-form), or will it also offer some additional coverage (umbrella)? Of course, the answer varies depending on the carrier and form being used. But why does it matter? What is the real difference between an umbrella policy and an excess (or “follow-form”) policy?

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How to Prepare your Home for Winter

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I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite season. The weather is perfect, the leaves turn beautiful colors, and it means the holidays are quickly approaching. The worst part about the autumn season is that it goes too fast and all of a sudden, winter is here. Freezing temperatures, snowy and icy weather, more dangerous roads, and did I mention freezing temperatures? Brrr! Is your home prepared for the winter season? Here are a few things you can do as a homeowner to prepare their homes for the coming winter.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

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A few weeks ago, my sister asked me to stop by her house to check on a few things while she was on vacation.  When I walked into her house, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard her say my name. After catching my breath, I realized she had set me up by logging into her Alexa to watch me from the corner of the kitchen. Apparently, she had planned to scare me all along, and we had a good laugh. These days, technology has enabled us to change the temperature in our homes, sweep the floor, tell you who is at the door, and start the coffee pot without even being at home. 

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Business Insurance 101: Where Do New Business Owners Start?

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If you’re the proud owner of a new business – or even just kicking around the idea of hanging your own shingle – you’ve probably realized that there is a lengthy list of items and issues to address. From startup capital to suppliers to operational space to legal documents… the list probably seems never ending.

Then, of course, you have insurance.

Despite what you may see or hear, insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product. Rather, in technical terms, insurance is a risk financing mechanism that allows you to transfer some of your risk to the insurance company of your choosing. In other words, you are paying a small cost (in the form of a premium payment) to contract with an insurance company to have them keep you whole in the event of a loss (claim).

So, where do you start?

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Shining a Light on the Dark Web

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It’s estimated the “Surface Web”—websites and data visible to everyone—represents less than five percent of the total information and locations on the internet. Beneath the surface lies the Deep Web—also known as the Hidden, Invisible and Dark Web. [1] In this article, we’ll shine light on the dark web—what it is, how it’s accessed, and what types of information end up there.

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The Benefits of Your Loss Control Consultant

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Loss Control for insurance is defined as risk management procedures designed to reduce the chances of claims against insurance policies. It mainly involves recognizing potential risks within the workplace and is attended to by voluntary or required actions a policyholder should undertake to reduce those risks. Finally, policyholders may benefit from loss control services through reduced premiums, while insurance carriers can cut down their costs in the form of claim expenses.

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Know These Tips for Fire Prevention Week

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Fall is in full force and winter is slowly approaching. People are lighting pumpkin spice candles, turning on the heat, and decorating for the upcoming holidays (I’m guilty on all accounts). And with the colder temperatures, people will be staying indoors a lot more. All of these actions actually influence the higher number of structural fires in the fall and winter, so let’s talk fire safety. Fire Protection Week is October 4-10 and it’s a great time to revisit some basic fire safety tips and practices.

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