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5 Snow Removal Contract Requirements

Snow blowerIt’s no secret winter weather creates more opportunity for liability claims, especially slips and falls. If you own a business, commercial building, or manage property, contracting with a reputable snow removal contractor to clear your driveways and walkways can help eliminate many of these risks.
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Two Important Tips for Handling a Total Loss Vehicle Claim

Frustrated person and broken car isolated“Your vehicle is a total loss.”

These are words you probably never want to hear from your insurance company. But what does “total loss” really mean?
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Annual Insurance Review: Don’t Go Unprotected

Happy New Year! I enjoy this time of year and the fresh start that comes with it.

It is a time when many people tend to focus on planning their budgets. I recommend you also take this time each year to review your personal insurance needs. Are your home and valuables properly protected?

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3 Ways to Keep A Positive Spirit After the Holidays

The holiday season is finally over. While the stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas seem incredibly chaotic, it almost seems busier after the holiday rush is through. Everyone is back to return or exchange gifts that were maybe the wrong color or size, or they just didn’t want it. Customer service is just as important during the post-holiday season as it was before. 
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Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Watch our video about Equipment Breakdown Coverage.Many homes today incorporate advanced technology electronics and other equipment that is not covered by your standard homeowner insurance policy, yet a loss to one of these items can become a significant expense. Is there anything you can do to adequately insure these exposures? The answer could be found with Equipment Breakdown coverage! Does your home policy include Equipment Breakdown coverage? If not, it should!

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Tackle Life’s Tasks with Trello

Organizong work The New Year always brings a new perspective on life, a fresh start, resolutions, goals, budgets, tax season, annual maintenance items… sometimes it can be a lot to remember! The same can apply with tasks at work and other areas of life.

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Tips for a Better Presentation

Hispanic Businessman Leading Meeting At Boardroom TableMany people get nervous when it comes to giving presentations and public speaking, but sometimes it’s necessary at work. Whether you are pitching an idea to managers and supervisors or giving an informal presentation to fellow coworkers, here are some tips on how to present to a group:

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