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Don’t be a Turkey! Tips on Deep Frying for the Holidays

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Thanksgiving is a week away and I am already imagining the deliciousness. My mouth is literally starting to water as I type this! Mmm.

There are many ways to cook your holiday turkey, such as roasting it, slow cooking it in a crockpot, smoking it, etc. Deep frying has been popular because if done right, the results are a bird with super crisp skin, moist meat, and a fabulous flavor! However, if you want to deep fry your turkey, be very careful! For the safety of your home and family, only attempt this outside away from buildings or flammable material. Safety first, people!

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Fraud Awareness Week: Small Business

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This week is International Fraud Awareness Week! And, Small Business Saturday is coming up next week! Why not talk about fraud in small business? Genius.

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Collision or Comprehensive: Which Coverage Applies?

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With all the deer roaming around this time of year, it can be dangerous for people traveling on the road (see our recent blog post Oh Deer! Drive Defensively this Season). We also know that ice and snow are coming soon (if it hasn’t already in your area), and that adds to the danger for drivers and their passengers. With the increased possibility of being in an accident this time of year, what better time to re-visit the subject of collision vs. comprehensive auto coverage!

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Oh Deer! Drive Defensively this Season

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The most dangerous animal in the U.S. is not the sharp-clawed bear or the sharp-toothed shark. Surprisingly, it may be the kind, furry animal we grew up calling “Bambi.” And the most dangerous time of year is now!

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Don’t “Buck” You’re Exposure! Hunter’s should read!

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FALL! My most favorite time of the year…Friday night lights, college football, local festivals, and of course, hunting season! There’s that magical feeling floating in the air this time of year, whether it’s the itch to get out into the dove fields and set up some Mojo decoys, or the images in my mind of that trophy buck slipping into the opening right at daylight. Whatever your game of choice, as you’re sitting around the campfire with your buddies the night before the big hunt, have you ever stopped to think about the liability such a venture creates? Of course not…but you should!

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When Life Brings Storms, a Personal Umbrella Policy Protects You!

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Many personal insurance policies provide liability coverage to protect you if you are sued as a result of an injury for which you are responsible, whether it is bodily injury or personal injury. We all know that lawsuits can stem from just about anything. The importance of liability coverage is discussed in previous blog posts, but what happens when the liability on your auto, boat, or home insurance policy is not enough to fulfill a judgment against you?

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Does your Business Have a Roof Inspection Program?

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If you own a business, you may have had your property inspected by a loss control representative from your insurance carrier. If so, they probably asked you, “Do you have a roof inspection program in place? How often do you have someone inspect your roof?”

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