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Don’t Forget Your Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection!

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It’s that time of year again…end of summer break! Some parents try to squeeze in last-minute vacations with their kids before the break comes to an end. Or maybe, school just started, and it’s time for the fall sports season, which means more traveling to regional schools for away games. It’s a busy time of year for many families, so it’s easy to forget to inspect your vehicle before taking off on a road trip. Here are a few important things to check on your vehicle before speeding off to your destination.

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School Bus Safety For Kids By a Kid!


Sometimes the best way to share information with your child is for them to hear it from another child! Check out this video by 10-year-old Drayden for some important school bus safety tips!

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The Many Coverages of Your Homeowners Policy


Most homeowners understand that their homeowner insurance policy provides them with protection against losses to their house, detached structures, and their contents. Many also understand that personal liability and medical payments coverage is also part of a homeowner policy.

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Be Smart, Be Safe: School Bus Safety Tips

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Summer has come and gone once again. Parents are getting excited, but kids are dreading their final days or weeks before school starts again. As we gear up for the school year, it’s important to educate ourselves on school bus safety. Here are some tips to keep in mind for this school year:

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Great Customer Service: Own It!

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We all know that customer service is a simple thing that makes a big difference. Many companies profess to have “Great Customer Service” or “The BEST customer service in the industry!” But, what really is great customer service and how can it be attained? It starts with taking ownership!

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General Liability Covers More Than You Might Think

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For those of us in the insurance industry, after a certain period of time, various lines of business, their abbreviations and the specific coverages provided by those lines become embedded into our brains. This occurs to the point where we begin to speak in a language that is completely foreign to anyone who is not associated with or familiar with the insurance industry. We also start to assume that everyone knows the ins-and-outs of the coverages on which we speak.

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Protecting Your Identity After a Data Breach


Capital One announced recently that a hacker had accessed the personal information of 100 million individuals in the United States and 6 million in Canada that had applied for credit with the Virginia-based bank. The affected information includes credit scores, linked bank account numbers, Social Security and Social Insurance numbers and additional information that was provided at the time of credit application.

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