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Governmental Issues and Homeowner Insurance Policies

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I am just finishing up a week-long vacation in Florida with my wife and several other couples, and as it happens every time I’m out during an extended period with others, the topic of insurance eventually came up.

“What happens to your home insurance if you are told to evacuate before a hurricane and you don’t?”

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Tips for a Spooky Safe Halloween

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Halloween is fascinating to me! It is said to have gotten its start in the pagan culture of Celtic Ireland. Called the festival of Samhain, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off the evil spirits that were free to roam the earth on October 31st. After the Catholic movement entered Ireland, the church named November 1st All Saints Day, aka All Hallows to honor the Christian saints. Then, the day was named All Hallow’s Eve, and people continued to view this day as a time when the dead were allowed to roam with the living. Finally, this term was later shortened to the name we all use today: Halloween. [1]

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Preparing your Lawn Equipment for a Long Winter’s Nap

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Despite my best efforts, my lawn is in pretty rough shape. It won’t be long until the frost comes along, my grass goes dormant, and I promise each blade of grass that I will do better next year (Spoiler alert: I will not do better). Once the growing season is done, it will be time to put my lawn care equipment away for the winter. I hope to do a better job of winterizing that stuff this year, as opposed to shoving them in a corner of the shed under a pile of other items. That is not the best way to ensure that they will work properly when I get them back out next spring.

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Cyber Security Awareness – Be Aware!!!

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Now that it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, what better time to educate yourself on the current levels of cybercrime around the world. More than half of mid-market businesses have experienced a data breach[1], and more than 175 million individuals become victims of cybercrime annually[2]. In fact, cybercrime is growing so rapidly it is projected to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, representing “the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history,” and becoming “more profitable than the global trade of all major illegal drugs.[3]

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7 Ways to Ready Your Vehicle for the Future Cold

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Summer is gone, fall is here, and that means colder weather is coming. As cooler temperatures approach, it’s a good idea to think about ways you can help your car take care of you. After all, your car is likely your sole means of transportation for getting you from point A to B.

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Campfire Care – Remember Smokey the Bear

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Imagine you and your friends are enjoying that long-awaited camping trip in the mountains. The car is unpacked, tents are up and your guitar is tuned and ready to play campfire songs. But first, you have to build the campfire. The evening is expected to be clear and chilly, with a sky illuminated by a bright, full moon and millions of stars. Sounds fun and relaxing, right?

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Fire Prevention Tips For Your Home



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Now that fall is in full force and winter is slowly approaching (even though it is over 80 degrees here in Ohio on this first day of October), it will be soon that people will be spending more time indoors. Frankly, this actually influences the higher number of structural fires in the fall and winter. So, as the days become shorter and the nights longer (and colder), here are a few tips to help prevent fires in your home:

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