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Have a Happy (and Safe) 4th of July!

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This weekend, there will be Independence Day celebrations happening across the nation. People are stocking up on food, drinks, sparklers, and fireworks. Speaking of sparklers and fireworks, they can be fun, pretty, and cool, but they can also be dangerous. Safety and common sense are needed!

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Protect Your Home-Based Business by Knowing the Coverage Options

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A few years ago, my dad started his own archery business out of his and my mom’s garage. He LOVES hunting and has a passion for helping others improve their hunting experiences, whether it’s buying a new bow, fixing a broken one, making custom arrows, or giving lessons to children and new hunters. One of the things he did before starting his business was to make sure it would be properly insured. This is very important for everyone wanting to start a new home-based business!

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Protect Your Online Retail Business

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In my blog post, Protect Yourself While Shopping Online, I shared how to protect yourself as a consumer. Now, let’s talk about protecting your customers and yourself as a business owner. If you have any kind of online store where orders and payments are made, then you’ll want to be sure your site is secure for your customers. You don’t want to risk your customers’ personal information, tarnishing your good name, and possibly putting yourself out of business. There are multiple safeguards you can put in place to help you protect your site.

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Now Might Be the Perfect Time for an Account Review

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If you’re like many of the people I’ve spoken with over the past couple of weeks, your life is beginning to return back to a revised sense normalcy, which is a good thing considering you’re probably starting to run short on shows to watch via Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service you might have. You’re also probably tired of excessively cleaning your house and have probably completed any minor home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for the last year or two.

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Protect Yourself While Shopping Online

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These unprecedented times have left many of us with only one way to shop: online. Many online businesses have benefited from consumers “sheltering in place” with an influx of buyers shopping via apps and the internet. I am sure that I am not alone when I admit to ordering more items online in the last few months than in the past few years! The situation has surely forced those that have never ordered online to do so…and those may be the most at-risk users.  

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Heed Your Mom’s Advice: Don’t Give Rides to Strangers (Unless You’re Properly Covered)

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Most of us have seen the meme going around that refers to a couple of life lessons that have reversed course over the past couple of decades: don’t get in the car with strangers and don’t meet people from the internet. The fact is, the internet, when combined with the “sharing economy,” has drastically changed the ways by which we travel, where we stay when we travel, and, in some cases, who we meet up with once we arrive at our travel destination.

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It’s That Time of Year: Prepare Your Boat!

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As the weather heats up, many people are getting excited to head to the lake, river, or ocean to go boating! While there is nothing more enjoyable than a day on the boat, a good time can quickly go bad if safety is not a priority!

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Quarantine Fatigue Is Real And It Could Kill Your Company

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Quarantine fatigue is not only sending people to crowded bars. We’re all getting tired of it—call it quaran-tigue—and that could spell trouble on the cybersecurity front.

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Coronavirus Could Complicate Hurricane Season 2020

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Hurricane season is here.  Meteorologists are at work and love to make predictions about how many hurricanes will make landfall and their potential severity.  People in high-risk areas will be directly affected, of course, but everyone still needs to pay attention. As we have witnessed in recent years, hurricanes can travel upward through non-coastal states causing flooding and wind damage. And this season presents an extra challenge: the Coronavirus.

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Proof of Insurance When You Need It Most!


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You see the blue and red flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You think to yourself, “How fast was I going? I wasn’t going that fast, was I? Oh shoot, I’m being pulled over!” Next flurry of thoughts: safely pull over to the side of the road, dig license out of purse or wallet, grab proof of insurance…OH NO! You didn’t put your updated insurance card copy in your glove box. Now what do you do?

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