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How to Lose Your Identity in a Day (If You’re Not Careful)

A recent poll found 92% of American adults have taken at least one big data security risk in the past year. [1] With identity theft on the rise, why are so many adults careless when it comes to protecting their privacy and data? It’s all too easy to let your guard down and leave your personal information open to hijacking and theft.

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Don’t Just Throw it Out: How to Protect the Environment and Your Personal Data

As the popularity of the internet and electronic devices continues to grow, so do the number of places where cybercriminals can find—and steal—our personal data. The rise in device ownership is also creating an enormous amount of e-waste. The World Economic Forum estimates that the world is currently producing 50 million tons of e-waste every year, and could reach 120 million tons by 2050.1

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Storm Surges Yield Surges in Contractor Fraud

2020 was a year of extremes on many fronts. But just focusing on storm fronts, experts tell us the US experienced 22 separate billion-dollar weather-related disasters last year. At this writing, the Insurance Council of Texas anticipated that the state’s February 2021 extreme weather will result in the largest claim event in Texas history. 

The only sectors to see this as anything but tragic? Shady contractors and outright scammers. 

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Have you Heard of Infotainment Data?

By Nathan Chunn

Most people are aware of the information that can be collected from a vehicle’s “black box.” However, the information that can be gained from the Infotainment Center in a vehicle is not as widely known.

Infotainment Data, also referred to as IVI, is the term used to describe the collection of hardware and software inside the vehicle’s computer, separate from the black box.

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month #JustDrive

It seems like every day we are hearing of a new accident caused by distracted driving. Whether it was caused by someone texting, scrolling on their phone, or just not paying attention to the road, distracted driving accidents are all too frequent and often fatal.

In fact, according to NHTSA, distracted driving killed 3,142 people in 2019. That was a 10% increase from 2018. At what percentage are we as drivers going to start paying attention? Even more alarming is that drivers ages 16 to 24 seem to be the most distracted, as they tend to constantly use their cell phones will operating their vehicles.

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How to Grow Customer Trust and Comply with Data Privacy Laws

Data privacy will be a top trend for businesses in 2021. Today, virtually every nation has enacted laws that impact data privacy—or they are actively considering them. Failure to protect customer and employee information can have costly consequences. Business leaders will need to stay on top of this highly complex and evolving area of compliance.

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Businesses – Spring Into Safety with Risk Management

I am sure most of us would agree that spring is such a beautiful time of year! More sunshiny days, warmer weather, flower buds starting to pop up…and SPRING CLEANING. Who’s already started their spring cleaning tasks? It’s a great feeling to do and get done, right?)

For businesses, this is a great time of year to plan your upcoming preventative maintenance activities. After all, why not get a jump-start on those “to do” items that can sometimes creep up over the winter months and present potential risks or hazards?

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Insurance Considerations for Contractors

Contractors have enough items to juggle without adding insurance into the mix; however, insurance-related issues are often unavoidable and, in some cases, misunderstood. Sure, it’s easy enough to determine how much coverage is needed for tools and equipment and it’s usually no big deal to obtain insurance for vehicles and trailers associated with your business.

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“There’s No Place Like Home” – Prep it for Spring Storms!

If the wind was strong enough to pick up Dorothy and Toto and pull her entire house into a tornado and send them to the magical Land of Oz, there is no telling what it could do to your property. Spring season is here, and with that comes storms. Rain, hail, wind, lightning, and those nasty tornadoes can cause serious damage. So, instead of getting your ruby slippers ready, follow these steps to protect your home from spring storms!

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How to Prevent Tree Damage to Homes

A couple of summers ago, my family was planning a vacation to Texas for a wedding. Flights were booked, hotel rooms blocked, and all of our bags were backed. The morning we planned on leaving for the airport, we got a call from my sister that a tree had fallen onto her house. It had stormed the night before and they were awoken by the slamming of a tree crashing onto their roof. If you don’t want something like this to happen to you and your home, there are many things you can do to prevent property damage from trees.

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