bg-1-enRecently I conducted several training workshops on how to deliver a winning presentation. During this workshop, we discussed the use of PowerPoint as a visual aid. PowerPoint can be boring if not used effectively. To combat this, I suggested another option called Prezi. I was shocked to find that a majority of people had never heard of this ‘out of the box’ online presentation tool.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation and storytelling tool that allows users to present ideas on a virtual canvas. This web-based tool allows its users to create a canvas with text, images, videos, etc. via its website. Often chosen second to the traditional Microsoft Office PowerPoint, this presentation tool allows users to go with a different approach to presenting by zooming in and out of their presentation media while displaying and navigating through information within a dimensional space. The strength of this tool is that it really allows its users to illustrate the relationship of concepts and key points to one another. When first going to Prezi’s website users are presented with a short video that gives a quick summary of Prezi. New visitors can get further insights on the site by scrolling down and looking at some of the displayed informational pieces and videos.

It is easy to sign up on the Prezi website for an official Prezi account.  New visitors can click on either the large, blue ‘Sign up now’ button or the button to the right that allows users to sign up via their Facebook account.

Have you ever used Prezi? Are there any other visual tools that you recommend?

2 responses to “Zoom In On A Winning Presentation”

  1. Hi Carly,
    Is Prezi free?

  2. Hi Sue – You can use Prezi for free, however all the presentations you create will be publicly visible. There are paid packages available that will allow you to make your presentations private. These are discussed on Prezi’s site – .

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