ErgonomicsErgonomics.  No doubt you’ve heard this term used in your office environment.  But what is ergonomics?  There are many scientific definitions, but in its simplest terms, ergonomics is making a workplace comfortable and efficient for the worker.  Why is ergonomics important in your organization?

  • Workers’ Compensation claims are expensive!!
  • Comfortable people are more productive and enjoy their jobs more.
  • Ergonomics shows your people that you care about their well being. 

Whether you have two employees or a large staff, it’s easy to set up an ergonomics program for your office.  The first thing you need to do is talk to your employees for their ideas.  They will definitely have some thoughts.  Appoint someone to become your ergonomic expert and let your people know they can go to this person when they feel they have a problem.  

Your expert will need to become familiar with good ergonomic practices. There is a wealth of helpful information and inexpensive products available on the Internet, but first let’s start with a short ergonomic quiz to see what you may already know.  In the photo above, there are at least five (5) ergonomic “violations” being made by this employee.  Do you know what the violations are?  Test your knowledge, and then click here to see the answers. 

How did you do?  What ergonomic practices do you need to brush up on?  And what practices are you already using?

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