1975     $0.10

1985     $0.22

1995     $0.32

2005     $0.39

2010     $0.44

2012     $0.45

Do you know what these years and dollar amounts represent?  The steady incline in stamp costs since 1975!  As technology evolves and the cost of traditional mail use increases, companies as well as individuals are looking to make use of current day technology to save money; technology that includes E-billing and E-policy.

What are E-billing and E-policy?  Instead of receiving a paper copy of your policy or bill, you’ll receive an e-mail notification when your billing statement or insurance policy are available for viewing online.  E-policy is typically used in insurance to view declaration pages of policies, auto ID cards, etc.

But why utilize these options?  There are many perks. Many companies offer a credit for enrolling in E-billing and/or E-policy. Documents are received in a timely and secure manner. And let’s not forget the obvious benefit of using these e-options, it helps conserve the environment:

  • If 20% of households switch to electronic bills, statements, and payments, 1.8 mil­lion trees would be saved each year.
  • In just one year, switching to electronic billing, statements and payments would help the av­erage American household avoid releasing 63 gallons of wastewater into the environment.

If you’re hesitant to sign up for these options, I’d like to share some insight with you that I recently learned. Websites start their web address with ‘http’ or ‘https’.  If the web address starts with ‘https’, the ‘s’ at the end stands for secure.  When entering private information such as banking or credit card information on a website, you should always be sure the web address starts with ‘https’.  And even is the site address begins with ‘https,’ you should still take steps to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.

So the next time you’re deciding whether you should take advantage of an e-option, I hope this information and advice has helped you be e-informed!

Do you use e-options?  Why or why not?

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