Fires of any severity can be destructive and devastating. Within seconds, all possessions could be damaged or destroyed – but in an apartment fire, the effects can go beyond a single-family. Apartment complexes house many families, provide income for the landlord and have a widespread effect if the fire is not controlled quickly.

If you have ever lived in an apartment, you may have noticed that almost all apartments’ stoves come equipped with a stovetop fire extinguisher.  They look like a small canister (about the size of a tuna can) that is attached to the range hood by a magnet.

If a fire ignited on the stovetop, the heat from the fire would activate a sensor and a white powder fire-suppressant would eject from the canister extinguishing the fire before it has a chance to cause any damage.

Something so small and inexpensive (around $40/pair) could prevent what could be a large and expensive loss, and even save a life.

If you are a landlord or building owner, it’s vital that you take the necessary precautions to protect both your tenants and the building.

If you’re an apartment tenant, take a look at your range hood and see if a stovetop fire extinguisher has been installed.  These extinguishers are one-time use only and must be replaced if used or expired.  Life span may vary by manufacturer but the average is around five to six years.

It’s always advised to not leave pans unattended on your stove; however, accidents happen, and these inexpensive devices could make a huge difference when it comes to protecting property and lives.

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