Tips for a Better Presentation

Hispanic Businessman Leading Meeting At Boardroom TableMany people get nervous when it comes to giving presentations and public speaking, but sometimes it’s necessary at work. Whether you are pitching an idea to managers and supervisors or giving an informal presentation to fellow coworkers, here are some tips on how to present to a group:

  1. Take your time. Don’t talk until you are ready. It’s alright to take a second and calm yourself when standing in front of people. This will make you seem more confident and ready to present like a champ!
  2. Know your stuff.When presenting with a video, power point, or even on paper make sure you know what you are trying to communicate to your audience. Know your material well so you are prepared to answer a question at any moment.
  3. Practice. Practicing and rehearsing is one of the most important parts of a presentation. When you practice your presentation you develop muscle memory. This can help you easily flow through your material.
  4. Listen and study the audience. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with the audience. Listen to and look at those you are presenting to for cues they understand. People who nod their heads to what you say and speak to them, as if you are talking with them one-on-one. Don’t look at or listen to the people who disagree with what you are saying. Just push through and listen to the people on your side.
  5. Talk slower than you think. When you talk in front of people, your heart rate can increase and you might not notice that you are speaking rapidly. Go into the presentation planning to speak slowly and you will appear more confident.
  6. Be aware of what you are doing.Try to avoid nervous habits like swaying or jingling change in your pockets, and be mindful of your use of “um” and other filler words. Try to focus your attention on your audience and not read directly from slides or presentation materials.
  7. Have a good opening and closing. Have you ever started a presentation to your boss with a joke? Start off with a bang! Make a good statement and go with it. Always aim to close the presentation by restating the main point of your presentation and say “Thank you” to let the audience know you appreciate their time.

Hopefully these tips will help the next time you give a presentation or speak in front of a group. A little practice with these tips and you will be giving great presentations! Please let share additional ideas for giving a successful presentation in the comment section!

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