Less than a year ago, I was receiving a notice from my previous job stating that my branch was closing down. Like all of my coworkers, I was panicking and doing the math to calculate how long I would be able to stay afloat without income.

I was researching job opportunities in the area and scheduling interviews when I heard from a friend that Central Insurance Companies was hiring. I had driven past the building every day for the previous two years, but I did not know much about the company. I went and researched the company website, read about the history and culture, and decided to take a shot and apply for a position in customer service.

In the meantime, the last few days of my previous employment were winding down and time was ticking. We received a severance package worth two week’s pay and as fate would have it, it was on the fourteenth day after the branch’s closing that I received the call from Central’s Human Resources Department offering me a position as a Customer Services Correspondent!

I love working in customer service! This position is different every day, especially working in the extended hours department. Do you remember being in your high school or college math classes and saying to yourself, “When will I ever use this in the real world?” Well, I cannot say that anymore! I have to break out my math skills to help policyholders with their billing questions and the algebra really comes in handy now.

But outside of math, the main purpose of my position is stated in the name: customer service. My job is to help agents and policyholders in any way I can and I love that. Even if the call to file a claim or make a payment takes just a couple minutes from your day, I want to make those couple minutes as friendly and hassle-free as possible.

What a difference just a couple of years can make! I graduated college, started a job, lost a job, and started this new career at Central all in under four years. I cannot wait to see where the next year takes me!

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  1. Fantastic blog! Way to go Jazmine!

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