Life Event“Splurged on a New Tattoo!” “Got my braces removed!” “Bought a new pet!” “I have a new roommate!” “I volunteered my time!” “The baby took her first steps today!” “I joined a health club!”

Do any of those phrases describe you? If so, you, my friend, are experiencing what Facebook defines as a capital L, capital E, “Life Event”! Who knew? If you start a new job, break up with your boyfriend, quit a habit, or sign up to be an organ donor, it’s a Life Event. And here I thought my life might be a bit boring, but no such luck! Apparently, when we take a moment and step back from our busy lives, we discover that our day-to-day, routine, average joe lives are chock full of note-worthy Life Events.

I hear a lot of Life Events from my customers. They don’t usually call to announce these events, but the info just sort of slides in around the edges of the conversation. There was Lana, who described herself as “giddy” with excitement about her Recent Engagement in the middle of an e-mail about her billing options. On the other end of the spectrum, there was Brenda, who could barely hold back the tears over the Recent Loss of her husband as she called to pay the auto insurance bill. I talked to Shaneetha, whose husband is Deployed Overseas with the Military, and wanted to take advantage of the automatic payment plan. Fran has two Boys that will be Driving soon…now there’s a woman who needs our prayers!

When I talk to folks like Shane and Jennifer, who haven’t been receiving their bills because they Moved to a New Home, I ask them if they gave their agent their new address. It’s amazing how many of the Life Events that we freely add to our Facebook page actually have a significant impact on our insurance needs. Keeping our agents up-to-date on our Life Events ensures that our coverage will keep pace with the ever-changing needs of our families.

But here is my favorite Life Event category….

Create Your Own

Now we can have some fun! This is perfect for those who have already “been there” and “done that,” and also for all those who march to the beat of a different drum! Following are some Life Events that would fit some Central employees I know…

I Collect Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Got the Silver Backed Gorilla off my Back
Survived the Arctic Freeze of 2014
Proud Member of “It’s a Marshmallow World” Fan Club

So what’s your Life Event?  Share it below!

2 responses to “These Are The Events of our Lives”

  1. Two of our children got engaged this year & my husband and I just returned from a cruise. Life is good!

    1. This past November, I left a retail job after 15 years and came to work in the insurance industry. Best move I ever made! And in December my husband also left his retail job and now owns his own distributorship with a popular bakery products company. Major lifestyle changes for us both!

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