There’s No Place Like The Insurance Industry

Last year at this time I wrote a blog about stumbling into the insurance industry and ended up actually fitting into it. I stated that I wouldn’t trade it for anything since every day is different and brings a new challenge. One year later, I’m happy to say that hasn’t changed. However, this time around, I would like to share why there really isn’t any place quite like the insurance industry.

To start, let’s look at the types of professionals that are typically considered to be “trusted advisors.” Among these are attorneys, accountants, and doctors, as individuals will trust these types of professionals with their closest financial, personal, and health-related information. Additionally, these types of professionals are usually well-educated and are respected for their wealth of knowledge.

How is the insurance industry any different?

Sure, anyone can sell insurance after completing the required coursework and passing a test through the Ohio Department of Insurance. However, successful and respected agents take their insurance education quite serious and are always seeking out new knowledge. Sometimes this is accomplished through earning a designation while in other cases, is completed by attending a seminar or a conference.

This knowledge is then used to find the best possible insurance-based solutions for a wide variety of personal and business exposures. This involves clients sharing confidential information with us regarding personal property (homes, cars, jewelry collections, fine arts, etc.) as well as business-related information (annual payroll and sales figures, information on business ownership structure, operations overviews, etc.). In reality, we are trusted with just as much information – if not more – than some of the other “trusted advisors.”

Personally, I find it quite fascinating to learn the ins-and-outs of our business clients and enjoy finding solutions to complex exposures. Rather than being reactive in nature, I’m assisting them with finding proactive solutions that can get them back up and running in the event disaster strikes.

In some cases, once you get to know your clients well enough, business owners will even let you take over their business for a while for your own use! The photo above was at our client’s local Italian deli/restaurant. The owner, who is second from the left, was kind enough to let our agency employees use his kitchen to cook dinner for our families a couple of years ago and with his guidance we were able to pull off a pretty decent meal (and not burn his place down). I certainly learned a few things from him but also learned I’m better suited for the insurance industry than I am for the restaurant industry! (I’m standing next to him on the far left.)

Where else will you have the opportunity to learn this much about individuals and businesses (as well as have this much fun)? There’s truly no place like the insurance industry!

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