Rain, rain, go away! At least that is what most of us are thinking after a few months, or in some cases, years of heavier-than-normal rainfalls. The U.S. has experienced flooding in areas that haven’t been affected for hundreds of years. If your home is next, are you covered?

Some homeowners are required by their mortgage company to purchase a flood policy, and typically your only option is through the National Flood Insurance Protection (NFIP). These are considered to be high-risk areas. However, lately, we’ve seen more flooding in low-to-moderate flood risk areas that are far from the coastal storm exposures. What does low-to-moderate flood risk mean? It means that no matter your location, we are all at risk! It’s likely many homeowners have never thought about having flood insurance. In fact, NFIP reports that 20% of all flood losses come from homeowners in low-to-moderate risk areas and the average claim in the low-risk areas are costing an average of $27,000! Whether it be an overflow of inland waters from a river, lake, creek, or rapid accumulation of runoff surface water, the flood risk is very real. Often, the greatest threat of flooding with tropical storms is inland and can even happen days after the storm has passed.

Did you know the standard homeowner’s or renter’s policy does not provide coverage for flooding? The good news is flood insurance is now available through both the NFIP and private markets for low-to-moderate risk areas. Coverage is available for residences and other structures such as a shed, pool house, contents, personal property, additional living expenses, debris removal, and more.

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