GPSWhen we hear the words Global Positioning System (better known as GPS), we normally think of vehicle navigation systems or satellite technology. But there are  many uses for GPS that we can benefit from. Here are a few possibilities of how we can use GPS in our everyday lives.

  • Feel safer when making a 911 call from your cell phone. Using GPS, emergency personnel can pinpoint your location.
  • Get emergency roadside assistance with the touch of a button from your vehicle exactly where and when you need it.
  • Keep track of children or elderly members of the family.
  • There are now pet collars with GPS built in so you can find your lost pet.
  • You can get to your appointment or destination faster by finding the correct directions or a shortcut.
  • Find a good restaurant or other attractions near your current location.
  • Track your luggage, laptops, and anything of importance while traveling.
  • Track and find family or friends in a crowded concert, graduation, or any social gathering.
  • Stay physically active and fit by playing cell phone games based on GPS technology.

Now is a good time to learn more about GPS so you can take advantage of this truly amazing technology. What other uses have you found for GPS technology?

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