Every year, we ask children to create a Christmas wish list full of toys and gadgets and other young dreams. As adults, we tend to have more intangible items on our wish lists: more hours in a day, shorter to-do lists, or maybe even peace of mind that the holiday season will be a breeze. In all the holiday hype this year, has anyone stopped to ask you what your wish list includes?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wishing for a few more hours in each day. Since it’s impossible to create more time, I have to make the most of the moments I have. So what do I do? I try to capitalize on “one-stop shops”. Yes, sometimes these types of stores can be hectic but getting everything done in a single place can ultimately give me more time to spend with loved ones, and really, isn’t that what this season is all about?

As a service representative, I try to be mindful of the privileges available for customers. I want to remind you of some of the perks out there that may help your holiday wishes come true:

  • Browse websites to get ideas for the tricky loved one on your list. Often times, online vendors will show you additional gift ideas based on your search.
  • Check to see if your store of choice includes on-site gift wrapping. Sometimes this is free; sometimes there is a nominal charge.
  • Ask about special shipping. Companies may ship your gifts to your local store for easy pick up or maybe even right to your front door, letting you stay cuddled up by the fire even longer.
  • Did you use your smartphone to make a purchase? Check the applications on your mobile phone to track those items right to your doorstep.
  • Don’t forget to insure those big purchases of the season! Contact your local independent agent for peace of mind that your new fine jewelry or automobile is protected.

Maybe, just maybe, your grown-up Christmas wish isn’t too far out of reach! I hope you cherish the extra time these perks bring.

What services do you like to use during the holiday season? Please share your customer experience in the comments below.

Warm wishes to all this holiday season!



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