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Customer service can leave a memorable impression even long after the moment has passed. Have you ever been blown away by top-notch customer service? It happened to me while I was in college five years ago, and I still remember how it made me feel.

I called in to Domino’s one Thursday evening to place my order and much to my surprise, they already knew who I was and asked if I wanted to place my usual order. At first this made me laugh, but then I came to feel appreciated as their customer and quickly had a favorite pizza place. I was by no means the only customer whose orders they remembered; Domino’s provided this same service to several of my neighbors and fellow college students. Every time I called, I felt like they were happy to hear from me again and more than willing to take my order with excellent customer service.

Customer service is more than providing a service for someone, it’s providing a feeling. Our emotions and sense of being valued guides us in the directions we take and ultimately where we spend our money. This is something I have always kept in mind as I provide customer service in my career. Sure, I’ve been given some tips and tricks along the way but most importantly, I’m genuine. I’m excited to talk to someone and affect their day in a positive way.

I also keep in mind that my interactions with them can have a “domino effect”. For example, I recently spoke with a customer who called from work on her lunch hour. At the end of our conversation, she said talking with me had been a great experience. She also mentioned it turned her day around and she was going to pass that feeling on to her next patient! I simply provided her service over the phone, but it ended going so much farther. How great is that?

You see, that pizza place in college did much more than memorize my order and phone number. They created a relationship with me and showed me what it is like to be a valued customer. So the next time you’re interacting with a customer, ask yourself what type of positive impact it can truly have on others. Have you ever experienced good customer service you’d like to share? Please post your story in the comments below!

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