The Best Route is the One You’ve Prepared For

Spring break trips are in full swing and many are planning upcoming summer vacations. The decision of whether to fly or drive to your destination comes down to saving time versus saving money. With flights nearing $500 for a relatively short flight, and gas prices remaining at a reasonably low price, many vacationers are choosing to load up their vehicles and face the open road. The benefit of saving money also comes with the risk of the many things that could go wrong during your long drive. Hopefully these tips for planning a painless and stress-free road trip will help make your upcoming travel time more enjoyable (and worth the cost savings).

Directions – Seems a bit obvious right? You need to know how to get to your destination. But good directions can really make the many hours of driving so much easier. Instead of relying on those ten-year-old directions from the in-laws, you are better off to follow the direction of a mobile app like Google Maps.  The real-time updates make a huge difference in being able to have step-by-step directions, avoid construction routes, or take a detour to go around a traffic jam.

Night or Day – This is one of the options that if you are willing and able, would save some time from your trip.  Driving through the night will typically help prevent hitting traffic jams or construction routes. However, it poses the problem of driving when you are the most tired. Driving during the daylight hours can definitely help keep the driver awake though there are no guarantees you won’t get stopped during rush-hour or be forced to slow down through heavy traffic. This decision comes down to personal preference but could really impact your total driving time.

Safety First – I know it’s been said a million times but for a good reason. If you struggle staying awake while driving through the night, there is nothing wrong with pulling over at a rest stop to sleep for a few hours or choosing to drive during the day. If you’ve already decided to drive rather than fly, losing a few hours to arrive safely is definitely better than not making it there at all.

Come Prepared – We all (hopefully) have car insurance but quite often, many people are unaware of what is actually covered. Before you get in the car for that long trip, it wouldn’t hurt to check whether or not your insurance policy includes Roadside Assistance or covers things like towing charges, a rental vehicle, or even a flat tire repair. A quick call to your insurance agent can grant you peace of mind!

Simply putting a little thought into your travel plan will go a long way toward your goal of a stress-free trip. I hope that all you spring and summer travelers out there will get to your destination and back safely, and enjoy that hard-earned vacation.

For additional information on planning ahead for your next road trip, watch “How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip,”  and “Insurance 101: Rental Car Coverage.”

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