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Loss Control for insurance is defined as risk management procedures designed to reduce the chances of claims against insurance policies. It mainly involves recognizing potential risks within the workplace and is attended to by voluntary or required actions a policyholder should undertake to reduce those risks. Finally, policyholders may benefit from loss control services through reduced premiums, while insurance carriers can cut down their costs in the form of claim expenses.

At Central, for example, Loss Control procedures are value-added services and one of our most important successes. Our loss control consultants work along with our underwriters and our agency partners to help solidify our strong relationship with our commercial policyholders.

The goal of loss control is to ensure the safety of policyholders’ employees, while keeping their insurance costs low. It begins with an on-site safety visit with customers. Through a customized analysis, policyholders’ safety programs can anticipate exposures and eliminate potential hazards. With this in mind, many insurance carriers seek to create relationships with companies providing specialized Loss Control services that can bring a positive contribution to safety goals and help customers reduce potential hazards.

One such relationship is Central’s partnership with IntelliCorp. IntelliCorp provides policyholders the tools necessary to make responsible and informed hiring decisions by offering comprehensive employment screening services to minimize risk and determine the quality of new hires.

By partnering with Succeed Risk Management Solutions, Central offers our policyholders access to a wide variety of training resources. From safety videos to web based E-Learning, Succeed is a comprehensive safety solution to fill the gap on a current safety program or offer a comprehensive safety program to organize safety talks, video training, and training shorts.

TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) Alcohol Server Training provides policyholders who offer alcohol service access to online certification, Train the Trainer Workshops, and participation materials. TIPS is really a positive addition to our policyholders’ safety and training programs for employees who serve alcohol products.

Managing Workers’ Compensation claims is probably one of the more complicated issues facing our policyholders. Our 24/7 Nurse Hotline provides our customers and their employees access to medical advice from Registered Nurses (RNs) for workplace accidents. This service can help reduce the amount of time employees are out of work due to an injury, as well as offer more appropriate treatment due to home care recommendations. a dedicated toll-free number where they can speak directly to a Registered Nurse (RN) who will help determine the appropriate care needed for workplace injuries. Using the Nurse Hotline can reduce claim costs with urgent care facilities being utilized in lieu of emergency rooms, as well as help reduce Workers’ Compensation costs.

Azuga Fleet is one of the newest Central Loss Control partners. Azuga offers the latest technologies in fleet safety. Many of our policyholders have telematics services, but Azuga takes it to a new level by offering outstanding support to the safety and operational efforts. Their equipment helps monitor driver behavior and safety, fleet health (maintenance of the fleet), and Powerful Report, which has eight specific categories to provide clients effective fleet management at their fingertips. Real Time Alerts keeps operations under control and employee drivers safe. Azuga offers outstanding customer and technical support including training.

By the way folks, October is fire prevention month. Central is a proud member of NFPA and their importance regarding fire prevention and safety. This year, NFPA is focusing on “Why Cooking Safety Matters.” On the NFPA website (, you can learn why cooking is the #1 cause of fire in the kitchen. NFPA offers some terrific cooking safety checklists. One of our main goals when completing loss control visits with our customers where cooking is part of their operations is to provide good, concise safety information to help them maximize fire safety and minimize potential fire hazards.

Loss Control partners provide various safety avenues to choose from for our loss control consultants when working with our policyholders. The more positive safety information and training for employee operations is available, the more likely successful outcomes will occur for all parties as daily functions at policyholders’ businesses are completed. Contact your independent agent today to learn more about these great partnerships!

The information above is of a general nature and your policy and coverages provided may differ from the examples provided. Please read your policy in its entirety to determine your actual coverage available.

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