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If you are a parent with teen drivers in your household, you are probably constantly worried about them on the roads and are concerned about them safely getting from point A to point B. This worry is typically escalated during the winter months, especially if you live in an area that collects snow and ice, leading to bad driving conditions. It is important to make sure our teens are aware and informed about all driving conditions and situations. Luckily there are programs like teenSMART that can make new drivers more aware.

I know you are probably thinking, “What is teenSMART and how can it help my teen driver?” Well, for starters, teenSMART is downloadable software you can purchase and install on your own computer. The software includes driving simulations, videos, exercises, and activities teens and parents can do together to complete the course. Once completed, studies show that teenSMART reduces the chances of being in a crash by up to 30%. Another upside? Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your policy once this program is completed that is typically left on the policy for the first few years of driving. This is a great option since we all know how expensive teens can be.

Below are a few important facts concerning teenSMART:

  • teenSMART can typically be completed in 8 hours. Most teens spend an hour a week and can complete the program in two months.
  • Most insurance companies offer discounts once the course is completed that last up until age 21.
  • The cost of teenSMART is $120. Some insurance companies may offer a discount on this price for their policyholders. Check with your agent!
  • teenSMART is offered to unmarried males and females ages 16-20.
  • To purchase, go to or call 877-233-7879.

Having your teens complete a driving program like teenSMART will not only make them more aware and informed while driving, but it can also provide you peace of mind. Less worry, higher education, and saving money? I think we can all agree that that sounds like an ideal situation.

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  1. I think teensmart is a great thing! This information is priceless, thank you!!!!

  2. Hey, teenSMART is the Smart Choice for Safety and Savings! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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