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3 Ways to Keep A Positive Spirit After the Holidays

The holiday season is finally over. While the stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas seem incredibly chaotic, it almost seems busier after the holiday rush is through. Everyone is back to return or exchange gifts that were maybe…

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Giving Back Beyond The Holidays

Charitable giving is something many associate with the holiday season, but as the holidays grow smaller in the rearview mirror, we are getting more caught up in our everyday lives.  It’s admirable that many people in this current economic climate share what…

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The ABCs of D&O

Many of us have been asked to serve on a nonprofit board for organizations such as the YMCA, the local church, a museum, library, or civic group. What if, while a member of that board, you make a decision and one…

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Why I Volunteer

Volunteering for a cause or organization that you believe in can be one of the most rewarding and fun things in life.  My first volunteer “opportunity” came when an organization approached my boss looking for help.  It wasn’t going to…

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