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Build a Strong Cybersecurity Culture through Employee Training

  Data breaches, hacks, and email fraud are hitting businesses of all sizes. It’s not just the big corporations like Equifax and Marriott International—all companies need to prioritize cybersecurity. According to one report, two-thirds of SMBs suffered a cyberattack in…

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Loss Control: “Not another safety training blog!?”

Recently, I went to a meeting where the guest speaker presented a training session on ladder safety. My first reaction was, “Not another ladder safety training session!”  This had nothing to do with the quality or expertise of the presenter, nor…

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On-The-Job Training That Works!

Veteran’s Day was last week and I was thinking about the service and great sacrifice of our current and past military people as I am sure many of you were too. I’m sure you agree, we owe them a great…

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Put Out the Welcome Mat for New Employees

You only get one chance to make a great FIRST impression.   Many employers do a good job during the selection process but then they drop the ball.  Here are a few things you can do to welcome a new employee…

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No Matter the Size Fleet Safety Comes First!

When most people think of fleet safety they probably tend to think of a “fleet” as a large number of vehicles (50+ vehicles).  After all, a small contractor with 4-5 pickup trucks may not think of the trucks as a…

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Train to Save Time and Money

You probably agree with the statement “Time is money.”  Yet many times when it comes to our people we waste time AND money by shortchanging their training.   A manager once said to me “We don’t have time to train!”   I…

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