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Tips for a Better Presentation

Many people get nervous when it comes to giving presentations and public speaking, but sometimes it’s necessary at work. Whether you are pitching an idea to managers and supervisors or giving an informal presentation to fellow coworkers, here are some…

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An Alternative to Microsoft Office?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve pretty much grown up using the Microsoft Office tools in both your work and personal life. Have you ever really considered anything else? The most common of the Office tools seem to be Word, Excel,…

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Zoom In On A Winning Presentation

Recently I conducted several training workshops on how to deliver a winning presentation. During this workshop, we discussed the use of PowerPoint as a visual aid. PowerPoint can be boring if not used effectively. To combat this, I suggested another…

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Five Steps to Fearless Public Speaking

Most people admit they would rather do just about anything other than get up and speak in front of a group.  However, presentation skills are important and letting these feelings get in the way of speaking in public can hinder your career. …

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