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Proof of Insurance When You Need It Most!

  You see the blue and red flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You think to yourself, “How fast was I going? I wasn’t going that fast, was I? Oh shoot, I’m being pulled over!” Next flurry of thoughts: safely…

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The 411 On Phone Etiquette

So much of what we do every day just boils down to common sense, and that includes phone etiquette. It doesn’t take a PhD to understand common phone courtesy such as stop typing when you pick up a call or ask…

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Can We Talk? The Somewhat Forgotten Art of Verbal Communication

When your friends or parents call you, do you hesitate to pick up the phone? Do you simply let it go to voicemail and then hurry up and send them a text that says, “What’s up?” I’m totally guilty of…

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One Second in Time Could Last a Lifetime

By now I believe 105 percent of the U.S. has a portable computer in their pocket that we still call a “phone,” even though no one actually talks on it anymore. What we do is tweet on Twitter, comment on Facebook,…

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How Do You Go Mobile…App or Website?

The cell phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past, while the smartphone is quickly becoming the latest trend.  Here are a few interesting facts:  Of the 4 billion mobile phones in use, just over 1 billion are now smartphones.  Apple…

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