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Mining the Data: Artificial Intelligence and Insurance

Recent improvements in computing power allow users to rapidly process very large volumes of data.  One area of computer science that has benefited from this is Artificial intelligence (AI); this includes an area of AI known as Machine Learning (ML)….

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The Regtech Revolution: Using Technology to Improve Insurance Regulatory Outcomes

In a previous article, I talked about the InsurTech movement. That is, start-up companies developing technology solutions for insurance companies. One place insurance companies need help with is complying with new regulatory requirements. One branch of InsurTech that is working…

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The InsurTech Phenomenon and The Future of Insurance Technology

New technologies are rapidly changing the world of business. Some examples of these new technologies include artificial intelligence, analytics, and wearables. Much like these new business technologies is the recent phenomenon in the insurance world: the InsurTech (Insurance Technology) startup…

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Battery Safe Than Sorry

In September of 2017, the energy company Tesla will unveil an all-electric semi-truck powered by a battery. I found it interesting that something as massive as a freightliner could run on a battery. What was science fiction a decade ago…

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Could 3D Printing Impact the Insurance Industry?

3D printing has been a personal fascination of mine for a long time now. The idea of losing or breaking something and being able to just “print a new one” appeals to both my sense of consumerism and my sense…

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Computerized Plants: Can We Really Grow Technology?

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I’ve begun noticing houses being lit up by Christmas lights. I love driving around looking at the different displays that people put up. Some of my favorite displays have lights synchronized to…

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