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Think Twice Before Using Public Wi-Fi

In today’s increasingly technological society, public Wi-Fi is found almost everywhere: airports, hotels, malls, restaurants, and coffee shops to name a few. Since it is so commonplace, most of us connect to the free Wi-Fi without thinking twice. While it…

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What is a smartwatch?

In the last couple of years, smartwatches have taken the spotlight for becoming the latest and greatest gadget. What is a smartwatch? Smartwatches are mobile devices with a touchscreen display that are designed to look like a watch. Many companies…

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Simple Tips to Protect Your Smartphone

As we move further into the 21st century, technology innovations continue to improve and become more accessible, which means more and more people now own smartphones. Smartphones are more than just an expensive paper weight in your pocket; they’ve become a small…

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Defend Your Personal Data with Mobile Device Security

Did you know that using your mobile device in public places increases the risk to your personal data? Devices are easily lost or stolen, putting your device content, as well as your personal data, potentially at risk!

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Can We Talk? The Somewhat Forgotten Art of Verbal Communication

When your friends or parents call you, do you hesitate to pick up the phone? Do you simply let it go to voicemail and then hurry up and send them a text that says, “What’s up?” I’m totally guilty of…

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One Second in Time Could Last a Lifetime

By now I believe 105 percent of the U.S. has a portable computer in their pocket that we still call a “phone,” even though no one actually talks on it anymore. What we do is tweet on Twitter, comment on Facebook,…

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