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Protection from Life’s Storms: The Personal Umbrella Policy

Most personal insurance policies provide liability coverage to protect you if you are sued as a result of an injury you are responsible for, whether it is bodily injury or personal injury. Lawsuits can stem from auto accidents, boating accidents,…

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Received a Complaint? Summon Your Insurance Company!

Receiving the Summons and Complaint when a lawsuit is filed can be unsettling.  Many times a policyholder will call their insurance company or agent in a panic, wondering what to do. But notifying the company or agent is exactly what you should do: let your company…

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You Can’t Get Blood From a Stone…But You Can Be Sued

Liability coverage is probably one of the most important coverages within any home insurance policy, yet it’s overlooked or downplayed by most consumers. If you are sued because of injuries or property damage someone sustains due to your action or inaction,…

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