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Exploring Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft’s latest Web browser is Internet Explorer 11. It made its debut on Windows 8, but it’s also available for the more widely used Windows 7, which still runs on most PCs. Here are a few features that you can…

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Extend Your Web Experience with Browser Extensions!

Many people are aware of the different browsers out there – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari are a few of the bigger ones.  But what many people do not realize is that these browsers have add-ons…

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Internet Explorer: The Opera of a Chrome Firefox on a Safari

Ok, I’m not writing about an opera…I’m writing about web browsers. Take yourself back to 1990 (if you can). Michael Jordan hadn’t won his first NBA Championship yet. (Go Pistons!)  The Cincinnati Reds won the World Series!  A gallon of…

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Trusting Your Favorite Websites

Just because malicious websites exist doesn’t mean you should limit the capabilities of the trusted sites that you frequently visit. There are already enough cases in life where the majority is deprived due to the actions of a select few….

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