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A Look Inside: A Career in Loss Control

Growing up, my experience with the insurance industry was limited to my small town’s local agency. Unlike physicians, lawyers, accountants, and teachers where the public has a general knowledge base about the duties and responsibilities, insurance remained a mystery. Even…

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Calling All Millennials: Still Struggling With What To Do After College?

Graduating college is a very thrilling yet overwhelming experience. I myself just graduated last spring, and the reality is still slowly sinking in. If you are a millennial reading this, you can probably relate. Or maybe you have a son…

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Who Doesn’t Love “Free” Money?

Forty million Americans collectively owe $1.2 trillion in student loan debt1. WOW! When you take a moment to think about it, it isn’t surprising with the increasing cost of tuition, supplies, textbooks, and living expenses.

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An Industry Full of Opportunity

Post authored by Kelsey Hoehn. I recently asked my three best friends (because I knew they would give me honest answers) about what comes to their mind when I tell them that I want to work in insurance. They responded…

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A Promise Fulfilled: Why I Work in the Insurance Industry

We recently posted a blog titled, “The Why and How of What We Do”.  It made me take pause to think about both the “why” of the insurance business and my own personal experience with the industry.

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