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Getting Personal with Agents and Underwriters

I’ve been working in the insurance industry for 18 years now. Currently, I hold a position as a Personal Lines Underwriter with Central Insurance. However, when I obtained my very first position as a personal lines customer service representative at…

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Endless Possibilities Exist in the Insurance Industry

I’ve written a couple of times in the past about how much I enjoy the insurance industry and how I was able to find a home in it back in 2001. However, there’s no reason to keep writing about me;…

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Insurance Professionals Turned Into Red Carpet Celebrities

We put a significant amount of trust into our independent insurance agents to advise us on how to protect our most important assets. But can you imagine George Clooney as your agent? How about Evel Knievel? Take a look at…

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Three Reasons to Choose Trusted Choice

Recognize this logo?  You’ve probably seen it in an ad or on TV, or maybe in your insurance agent’s office.  Do you really know what it means? 

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