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Keeping Your Home Office Safe

Telecommuting (working from home) is growing in popularity. According to Global Work Play Analytics, the number of U.S. workers who do at least 50% of their work at home or some location other than a central office grew by 115%…

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Driving Home the Importance of Improved Ergonomics

Many times when people hear the word “ergonomics,” they immediately think of sitting in front of a computer. And yes, the science of ergonomics is an important factor in designing a safe and comfortable workspace. But ergonomics is so much more…

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Is Your Laptop a Pain in the Neck?

I recently heard on the news that more than 50 percent of adults have had neck pain during the past year. Hmm…wonder why?

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“Working” Your New Year’s Resolution

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! With the beginning of each new year comes talk of our new year resolutions: eat better, exercise, spend less money, etc.   I know it seems early to start working on a change but studies show…

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What’s Your Ergonomics IQ?

Ergonomics.  No doubt you’ve heard this term used in your office environment.  But what is ergonomics?  There are many scientific definitions, but in its simplest terms, ergonomics is making a workplace comfortable and efficient for the worker.  Why is ergonomics important…

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