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Hiring Young Workers: Know the Rules!

High school and college-age workers are an important part of the employment pool; they take your order at fast-food restaurants, bag your groceries, keep your community lawns looking nice, and lots of other things. They are a growing part of…

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Hiring Team Players

Did you watch the Super Bowl this past weekend? Even if you aren’t an NFL fan, I’m sure you would agree that both the Chiefs and the 49ers have proven themselves successful this season at building a winning team. Just…

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Small Business Safety: Taprooms & Tastings

As a long-time homebrew hobbyist and a self-proclaimed craft beer aficionado, I have a deep appreciation for the passion and hard work that goes into creating great spirits. If you’ve managed to turn your passion into your business and joined…

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There’s No Place Like Home (Office)

Follow the yellow brick road … or the beautifully paved drive leading to Central Mutual Insurance Company headquarters.

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Eight Tips to Jump Start Your Success

College campuses are holding graduation ceremonies all over the country.   It’s an exciting time for students as they search for employment and start a career, and one of the most important things they can do is start out on the right…

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Coming of Age in the Workforce

My oldest daughter works at a local fast-food restaurant.   While she has just entered college, she started working at the restaurant during her senior year in high school.  And, like all younger workers, she was worried that college students would…

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