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Pets and Homeowner Insurance Policies

My family recently added a new member in the form of a two-month-old kitten, and as part of the adoption process, we were provided with a month’s worth of free pet insurance from the shelter. While that was a nice…

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Why Certain Dog Breeds Are in the Insurance Doghouse

I have a number of friends – and clients – who are dog lovers. Some are more passionate than others about their four-legged friends and this can lead to uncertainty, confusion, and even anger over insurance company rules pertaining to…

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Are You Covered for Your Canine’s Conduct?

I like to think of myself as a good neighbor. I tell my kids to keep it down when they are hanging out on the patio late in the evening. I lend an egg or cup of sugar when needed….

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Dog Breeds vs. Insurance Carriers: The Bite Is Worse Than the Bark

Are you looking for a four-legged friend to add to the family? Before you purchase a pooch, be sure you check with your insurance agent or company to verify that the dog is acceptable. Most insurance carriers have a list…

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