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Contractor Fraud Awareness Week

Contractor Fraud Awareness Week is here! From July 12 through 16, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is highlighting the problem of contractors and vendors who take advantage of disaster victims in the aftermath of catastrophes.

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Don’t Entrust Your Home Repairs to the “Deal of the Day”

Post authored by Bill Coates Have you experienced a time when some home-repair projects needed to be taken care of? Sometimes they’re too big or take too much time for you to tackle yourself: fading paint, falling gutters, or a big…

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Your Family’s Safety Starts at Home

Thinking about buying your dream home, adding on to your current home, or entering the house flipping business? Ensuring that your home or rental property is safe from the inside out may be more important than having a security system…

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After the Storm: Finding and Hiring the Right Contractor

The recent severe weather in the Midwest is a reminder we can experience significant storm damage to our homes anytime of the year.  Unfortunately, these storms also bring out many roofers, contractors, and workers who all want your repair business….

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Don’t Let Lead Ruin Your Renovation: Follow The Rule!

We’ve all heard of the dangers of lead-based paint.  If you are a general or renovation contractor, painter, plumber, carpenter, or electrician, this is an issue you have likely dealt with when working on structures built before 1978.  Renovation activies…

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