Central Insurance Companies


There’s No Place Like Home (Office)

Follow the yellow brick road … or the beautifully paved drive leading to Central Mutual Insurance Company headquarters.

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The Value of Servant Leadership

While putting myself through college many years ago, I worked as a server in a couple of casual dining restaurants. Except for the occasional patron that “forgot” to leave a tip and the long odd hours, I loved that job!…

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Developing a Career as a Developer in Insurance

I discovered my fascination for computers and technology at a very young age. I was the go-to family member for fixing all of the tech problems; from hooking up the VCR to reviving the ancient laptop that suddenly stopped working….

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There’s No Place Like The Insurance Industry

Last year at this time I wrote a blog about stumbling into the insurance industry and ended up actually fitting into it. I stated that I wouldn’t trade it for anything since every day is different and brings a new…

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The Why and How of What We Do

When you do something really well, you want to share how you do it.  But what really drives how you do something is why you’re doing it in the first place.

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