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Basics for Dealing with a Business Interruption

Have you ever had one of those days when you are furiously working on a deadline and your computer crashes or the power goes out and you forgot to save your document? This happened to me recently during one of…

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Prevent a Business Budget Breakdown with Equipment Breakdown Coverage

What equipment do you use in your business? What would you do if any piece of that equipment were to break down? For instance, how could you operate your restaurant if your ovens, stoves, or fryers were not working properly? Or if the…

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Business Interrupted: Are You Covered for a Cyber Attack?

Brett, the CFO of a small machine shop, was worried about the financial losses the firm might incur from a recent cyber attack. The firm’s systems were infected with a computer virus and IT was trying to address it.

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Will A Power Loss Mean the Loss of Your Business?

Superstorm Sandy was a catastrophe of gargantuan proportions. At its peak, it was about 1,000 miles in diameter. The financial losses from the storm are estimated to exceed $60 billion. In its aftermath, there were almost 8 million people without power,…

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Could Your Business Survive A Shutdown?

A few years ago, the Nike retail store in New York City was closed by the public health department due to a bedbug infestation in the store.  No doubt their reputation took a hit, but what about their bottom line?…

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4 Ways to Approach a Loss Control Program

For any business, an effective Loss Control program is a must.  It helps you minimize losses or puts you on a path that greatly reduces the chance of one happening.  Some may feel the effort put toward safety management or, in…

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