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If the wind was strong enough to pick up Dorothy and Toto and pull her entire house into a tornado and send them to the magical Land of Oz, there is no telling what it could do to your property. Spring season is here, and with that comes storms. Rain, hail, wind, lightning, and those nasty tornadoes can cause serious damage. So, instead of getting your magical shoes ready, follow these simple steps to minimize damage to your home.

Maintain trees and branches.

Trim any loose tree limbs and branches, and dispose of them. You will be thankful you did this when you see a tree limb on your neighbor’s roof or your own.

Secure loose objects.

In Dorothy’s case, her whole house should have been secured, but I am hoping your foundation is not that compromised. Your home should be sturdy, but items such as outdoor furniture, children’s toys, and firewood should be secured using items such as tarps, weights, and bungee cords.

Be prepared if the power goes out.

With high winds, the chance of losing power is very likely so stock up on flashlights, batteries, and blankets. Also be sure to have plenty of water, non-perishable food, and first aid supplies in case the power is out longer than expected.

Have insurance!

Storms can cause damage to your home and vehicles, as well as other property. Make sure you have the right policies that will help you in your time of need. Contact your independent agent with any questions about your policy.

Check out our Weathering The Storm infographic for more tips and information on preparing for severe weather. And if all else fails, tap three times!

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