Dahlia at Swan Island DahliasOne of my favorite times of the year is the beginning of spring. Everything, and I do mean everything, appears rejuvenated! The sun shows its beautiful face earlier every morning, and it stays out even longer before tucking us into bed. The birds and the geese are up and at ’em bright and early, catching those worms and honking their way across the clear blue skies.

Customer service also comes to life during this time as stores stock their shelves with lighter and brighter products that consumers love to use during the warm, outdoorsy months. Businesses break out of the winter doldrums by creating catchy advertisements to attract customers to their shops. Warmer months can also bring fresh ideas and inventions of the next great product or service. Everyone seems to join in on the buzz of excitement for something new and different.

My favorite aspect of spring is not all of the new, but more accurately the renewal of what used to be, and having it back again. Things like my blooming perennials, the happy cries of children playing ball at the park near my home, and the return of “Marchocolate” at Kewpee, my beloved hometown burger joint.

I also love the rejuvenation of personal services… of once again making those connections with folks that you might not talk to on a regular basis but who are very important and that you cherish just the same. In my case, those people happen to include the pest control technicians that come each spring to spray for pesky bees, and my insurance agent who checks with me to make sure I have all of my coverages in place and up-to-date for my spring and summertime “fun” items, like my jet ski and golf cart!

Did Santa drop off a new boat or ATV that you haven’t quite gotten around to insuring yet?  And that new pool you’re thinking about putting in may carry additional safety guidelines according to your policy.  Be sure to check out the blog post “Make Sure Your Summer Isn’t a Bummer – Insure Your Fun!” to read up on other summer fun items that may need additional coverage.

Spring is a time of newness, but also a time of revival. What types of services are you looking forward to this spring? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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