E-policy VideoWe have them on our phones and in our computers.  Some of us have them beautifully displayed in scrapbooks, while most of the rest of us have shoeboxes stuffed with old snapshots that we are going to go through and organize…someday.

Why do we keep those boxes around?  Because each snapshot captures a particular moment in time – a memory –  and that snapshot enables us all to take a quantum leap through time and revisit those moments.

I take “snapshots” at work every day. They are the best part of my job in customer service. I handle about 10,000 incoming phone calls a year and every single conversation and interaction gives an imaginative mind the opportunity to take a quick snapshot of the person on the other end of the line. My customers are a load of fun! They are quirky, honest, funny, real people, and I hope you will enjoy meeting them as we visit online together.

Today I want to introduce you to a lady named Florida.  Yes, honest and truly, that is her name.  I liked her right away.  She has a great sense of humor.  I met her through a post-it note that she stuck to her invoice.  (Yes, here at Central, a human eye, not an electronic one, looks over each and every incoming invoice and check.  So if you ever wondered if anyone reads the little comments you scribble on your invoice…the answer is yes!)

Anyway, Florida is the kind of woman who felt like she needed to explain why her check had not been received in a timely manner.  Her note read: “Sorry this is late. The bill got lost in my fool-proof  filing system!”  You just have to grin along with someone who can poke a little fun at themselves, don’t you?  And let’s fess up. Florida isn’t the only one of us with a “fool-proof” filing system! Been there, done that, for sure!

These days, the guys and gals in the technology departments of most companies have come up with a pretty slick solution for those of us that are, like Florida, a bit organizationally challenged!  I call it the electronic filing cabinet, better known as the computer!  These days you can choose to receive your bills and your policy itself online.  No papers to get eaten by Rover or tossed out accidentally by our helpful spouse while they were “cleaning up.”    No more frantic searching through piles of papers when you need to find out if you have coverage for towing.  No more visits to the doghouse for my customer Guadalupe, who made the mistake of misplacing the bill when his wife Margarita went to find it! If you can find your computer, you can find your bill and/or your policy information with a simple user id and password.  Voila!  The fool-proof filing system lives!

Watch our video to learn more about how receiving your policy via E-policy can fool-proof your filing system.

Right about now, you are probably thinking of a snapshot of one of your customers, vendors, or anyone you deal with via the phone. I’d love to meet them!  Feel free to drop me a line, won’t you?

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