Smart Home Technology – Friend or Foe?

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Anyone buying any cool tech gifts for themselves or for loved ones this holiday season? The possibilities are endless when it comes to “smart” devices that are available for you and your home! These devices range from smart plugs and smart appliances to smart doorbells that allow you to see a live video of your front porch from your phone when the doorbell rings. But, with every new tech invention, there are always pros and cons. So, what are some of the pros and cons of smart home technology?

Technology makes life easier, so it’s no surprise that convenience is the best thing about smart home technology. Like, forgetting to turn off that coffee pot before you leave no longer requires a trip back to the house. Pull out your smart device and turn the coffee pot off in seconds. Wow!

The increased power of camera security systems and video doorbells, like Ring, that allow you to monitor your home from your mobile device make your home safer than ever before.

Energy Savings
Smart home technology allows you to conserve energy in multiple ways. Not only can you control things like central air and lighting from your mobile device, but smart appliances can also get signals from utility companies in order to avoid using energy when demand is at its peak.

Insurance Incentives
Some insurance companies will discount your premium when you use certain smart devices in your home. Nice!

Start-up Costs
Technology can be expensive. Even though prices of some smart technology systems have become much more affordable in recent years, the cost to purchase and install can still add up!

Remote monitoring and access can put your mind at ease while you’re away from home. Lights can be turned on and off, doors unlocked and locked, automated blinds can be raised and lowered, etc. These capabilities, combined with auto-security systems, can help you mitigate some risks. Plus, you’re alerted immediately if something uncharacteristic happens. On the other hand, with all technology comes the risk of being hacked. Hackers are getting smarter and smarter every day, so you can never be too careful when it comes to cybersecurity.

Internet Reliance
Nearly all smart devices are reliant on an Internet connection, so if your Wi-Fi goes down, the smart devices in your home probably will too.

Smart home technology can be a great asset, but you should always consider the risks and decide what’s best for you and your home. You can always talk to your independent insurance agent if you have questions!


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